Eniola Badmus finally ends fight with Funke Akindele – Here is what Eniola posted on Instagram, Funke Akindele Responds (PICS)


For sometime now, there have been rumours of rife that all is not well between two super actresses, Eniola Badmus and Funke Akindele.

Eniola Badmus


The general belief in town then was that both were no longer on speaking terms and that they had parted ways.

What further fuelled the rumor was the absence of Funke at Eniola’s grand birthday party.

Well, sharing a photo of Funke Akindele in her Instagram page moments ago, Eniola Badmus wrote “CRUSHING ON YOU SO BAD JUST BECAUSE ITS #WCW @funkejenifaakindele YOU’RE A STRONG AND POWERFUL WOMAN……NA ONLY IF WE COMMOT YOUR WAHALA”

Funke Akindele responded to Eniola Badmus post

Also in an interview Eniola Badmus had with City people last year, she revealed thus about her relationship with Funke Akindele.

Eniola Badmus

Funke Akindele and I are still friends. We are sisters. Funke Akindele is one person. I love so dearly with my heart, because of who she is.  Also, whether we like it or not, we can’t deny the fact that Jennifer blew a lot of us. She gave us that light. It helped a lot of
us. We can’t forget the fact that it was Funke’s film that helped many of us.

Funke Akindele

At some point in a relationship, there will be ups and down. That is life. We can never have 100% relationship. There are some times you people will have misunderstanding atimes or disagree on some issues. Funke, whether good or bad, I can’t fight her. She remains my sister. Funke, whether good or bad, even if she’s fighting me, I can’t fight her, because I rate her so much. She’s up there. She’s big. She’s been a wonderful person to me. Whether we like it or not, her brand has actually affected my brand in a good way and I am happy with that fact. If we were fighting, she would not have come for my premiere. Funke Akindele coming for my premiere was like a huge surprise to a lot of people because people were saying a lot then. They said we are fighting. We are not together anymore.

Eniola Badmus

This is the thing. There is no fight. Funke Akindele is a very busy person. She has a huge brand that she has to work on. I am also trying to build my own brand. It talks a lot to do that. I combine so many things to keep the brand going. So, everybody is trying to work on their brands.

At a point in time, 10 friends cannot continue to be friends. Not that you will fight. No.  But you will all have to pursue different things at some point in time.

Eniola Badmus

Whilst you are in Ibadan pursuing your career, another person might be in Ghana and another friend might be in Port Harcourt, another in Abuja. Yes you are all friends but your are all in different places pursuing different ideas and projects. We didn’t part ways. Funke and I didn’t quarrel. Funke and I didn’t fight. But at some point we just needed to work on our brands. She’s doing well. And Eniola Badmus too is doing well. It takes a lot to succeed with your brand and even after you succeed you still need to do more to sustain it.

Funke Akindele

Maybe if we didn’t have what we had at that time maybe  I won’t be here now. Its not as if we fought. We didn’t fight, though there were some little side talks, or hear say.

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