Do you want to join the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps?? This is the salary of LNSC!!


Getting a job position at Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps is prestigious in Nigeria. Officers contribute to preserving peace and order in their communities. Would you also like to join this agency and help your local police departments and security agencies to fight with crime? Are you interested knowing what Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps salary is like?

Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps salary


Learn a bit about Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps

Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps is relatively new. Shortly this agency is known as LNSC. The officers can be easily distinguished from the Police and other organizations by their LNSC uniform. LNSC corps members operate in 20 local government areas (LGA) and 56 local council development areas (LCDA) across the state. In other words, they are present in all areas in Lagos, and there are approximately 7000 of jobs already created within the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps organization.

This job can be dangerous because officers are trained to gather details about different crimes, patrol their areas daily and at night, help to arrest suspicious people and offenders, etc.

This dangerous job looks heroic to many Nigerians, so they are more than eager to join the Corps. And of course, a very logical question arises, what is the average salary of Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps members?

LNSC or Lagos State neighbourhood safety corps salary

Salary of LNSC

How much can you expect to earn once you successfully join the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps? There is no official information about salaries on Lagos State website. While we cannot name the exact salary of most staff at LNSC, we have come across some interesting discussions on different social platforms.

Unofficially, some people say that Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps salary ranges from approximately 19,500 Naira per month (for SSCE certificate holders) to over 53,000 Naira per month (for bachelors and holders of HND diploma). If you have an Ordinary National Diploma (shortly known as OND), you can expect to be paid about 25,000 Naira per month.

We should also outline some of the rumors that follow the newly established LNSC in Lagos State. Earlier in 2018, different sites wrote about non-payment of salaries for several months to some of the Corps staff. This information was denied by LNSC Chairman Israel Ajao, who assured that all staff is paid on time without delays.

Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps

We all want to live in safe and peaceful areas, and the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps is established to bring peace, order and law across Lagos. What do you think about LNSC agency? Do you think the corps are paid adequately for the job they do? Feel free to share your opinion with us.

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