Different pictures that prove that Rita Dominic is obsessed with Palazzo Pants (PHOTOS)

rita dominic

Different celebrities have their different signature styles. While sometimes these styles are as a result of well though-of brand strategies, other times, these people just like what they like. From their hair, to their kind of makeup and even down to their clothing; they display their love for certain items more than all others.

rita dominic


One Nigerian celebrity that has certainly showed her love for one particular style, is Rita Dominic and her obsession with long Palazzo pants. Times without number and through different means, we have seen Rita strut the street, red carpets, and even movies with this look.

She has redefined it, made it hers, and styled it the way she wanted every time. Since she is ordinarily a slay queen all by herself, we are not surprised that every look fits perfectly on her. Without boring you with too much preliminary information, check out some of the many times the diva has rocked Palazzo pants like they were made for her.

  • White looks great on almost anybody, but you have to be a pro to be able to rock white Palazzos properly.

This look on the star actress does nothing short of that. She looked divine, angelic, and sophisticated all at once.

Rita Dominic

  • This classy look by the veteran is everything. She looks beautiful, artsy, classy, and still as if she didn’t have to lift a muscle to achieve the look.

Everything fits perfect and the pants carry the entire dressing, crowning it with finesse. We absolutely love this look.

Rita Dominic

  • If you though white was easy, how about the opposite side of the colour scale? This sultry and extremely daring look by the star actress completely sets the bar high.

It looks like she came right out of a board meeting and straight to a Friday night hang out! Nobody rocks palazzos like Rita and this picture is one proof why.

Rita Dominic

  • Since black looks divine on Rita D, how about another one for the road? This look, while black, has a pop of colour that changes the entire game.

As expected, the talented lady also rocked it like no big deal. What’s not to love?!

Rita Dominic

  • If you taught Rita was the English type gal who only showed up in sophisticated couture attires from foreign countries, think again.

Rita Dominic also managed to create her favourite look in beautiful Ankara prints. You be the judge of how this looks.

Rita Dominic

  • I guess it’s safe to say this diva rocks palazzo pants everywhere. This look is certainly something that should be used to slay while at work or while going for a serious business meeting.

This look suited Rita Dominic perfectly and it was all shades of perfect all by itself.

Rita Dominic

  • Last but not the least is this peachy look. It is all shades pf avant-garde with the head wear, it is makes it certain that you look twice when you see her.

Rita Dominic

It is bold, it is different, and it is another palazzo look that Rita Dominic killed.

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