Check out 7 photos of young millionaire Hushpuppi that prove he is not just a millionaire but a style icon (PHOTOS)


When it comes to one of the richest youths in Nigeria, Ray Hushpuppi, as fondly called will never be left unmentioned. The young, who is Malaysian-based is well known for his endless love for popular international brand Gucci.

Due to his unwavering love for the fashion brand, Hushpuppi had been tagged a Gucci ambassador. The lavish lifestyle of the young man has raised many eyebrows in the past and will continue to do so.


Going through his Instagram handle, Hushpuppi can only be found in Gucci outfits from head to toe but is does not mean that’s the only fashion brand he is in love with. The young millionaire, whose source of income has not yet been disclosed, is also a lover of Loius Vuitton clothes and Shoes.

The self-acclaimed Gucci ambassador cannot let a day go by without sharing pictures of him shopping from his favorite designer store or him showing off his luxurious lifestyle while on a weekend getaway alone. It is obvious that Hushpuppi enjoys reading loving comments from his Instagram followers, so he has to always give them something to talk about.

When it comes to stepping out in style and class, this young millionaire is ever ready to dress to kill, he does not care to what extent or how much it will cost him Hushpuppi is ready to look ravishing at any event. Even if he is just hanging out with friends, he will still prove to everyone that he is a fashion icon.

Be it a suite, track suite, shorts and a pair of T-shirt, Hushpuppi always drops a fashion statement and this has him extremely popular. we took time to go through his Instagram account and bring you seven times that will convince you that Hushpuppi is not just a money bag but also a fashion icon.

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