“Broda yinka is an entertainer, Isn’t Yinka a gospel singer…abi Bob don join choir ni?” Mixed reactions as Yinka Ayefele seen praising Bobrisky as he sprays him money (VIDEO)


Currently trending online is a video of popular Nigerian cross dresser, IDris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, spraying money on gospel artiste, Yinka Ayefele, at a recent event in Lagos.


Despite the backlash Bobrisky gets for his choice of lifestyle, it appears he is still out getting all the love from people and one of such welcoming people, Ayefele, has left many social media users in shock.

In the video, Ayefele is captured singing and hyping cross-dresser, Bobrisky, during an event in which the cross dresser was a guest. He was spotted spraying money while the gospel singer was singing and praising him.

Watch video below:

The video which has since gone viral, caused mixed reactions amongst social media users. While some were of the opinion that Ayefele as a gospel singer should in now way show support for Bobrisky’s lifestyle.

Others however, stated that Ayefele was more of an entertainer than a gospel artiste.

See reactions below:

Harry B Ezeugwu: “The man-woman is spraying the rapper money and he’s praising him-her ….i don’t blame mr singer shaa….that’s the power of money.”

Ayo Mathew: “Isn’t Yinka a gospel singer…abi Bob don join choir ni?”

Mason Kelly: “This is the poverty In Nigerian we are talking about.. How can you praise an immoral person cos of money.. Woe unto you.”

Oby Iheoma: “A gospel artist praising a gay…. You know before I taught that gospel artists are believers, it was just yesterday I knew it is a business.”

Etz Pizito Geoffrey: “Imagine a so called gospel singer praising someone like bobrisky is dis not end time.”

Prince Sode Adedamola: “This is rubbish especially coming from a gospel singer”

Abiodun Owoeye Yusuf: Yinka was doing his work o. Wetin concern him concern she/he. So if you have a shop , you wouldn’t sell to him if he comes around?‍♀️”

Omofua Chris: “Hmm las las gospel musicians are just ordinary artists. The other day eben was using parte after party word claiming there’s no harm in using it.”

Adebayo Richard Emmanuel: “Broda yinka is an entertainer, it will be hard to believe he is a gospel musician, he sings to entertain nd all for d money, so u dnt blame him, he is doing is job.”

San J Whitney: Yinka might not be the social media type and he might not know bob risky as boy/girl bcus in most events artist send their workers to find out names of people that look rich, that might just be the case here, maybe he asked and got the name and started singing with it (not knowing who he/she really is) Just my opinion.”

Daniel Nnagoziem Chucks: “Yinka dey hustle for money naa! But is this yinka a gospel artist or Fuji?”

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