Billionaire Ahmed Indimi’s daughter, Meram, has taken to social media to open up about her struggle with depression and anxiety.

While many people believe with money, life is a lot easier and happiness is sure bound to come, Meram Indimi however, has proven this to be wrong as rich people, despite their wealth and status, also go through emotional distress.

The daughter of Nigerian billionaire, Ahmed Indimi, took to her Instagram to make a rather shocking revelation. In the video which she shared, she revealed she battled with anxiety and depression.

She stated that, through her struggles with the mental illness, she discovered her passion for health and wellness.

Watch video below:

Meram isn’t the only Indimi woman who has been through difficulties.

A while back, We reported the news of how Rahama Indimi who was one time married to the son of Babaginda, Muhammad, exposed him and accused him of using money to bribe his way in court into getting custody of their children.