Betrayal in their marriage? Why Ini Edo Divorced her Ex-Husband after 5 Years – WATCH VIDEO

Ini Edo marriage

Not all marriages last forever, sometimes people just fall out of love and decide to go their separate ways after a while. This could be the case in Ini Edo marriage. From this article, you will find out the reason why Ini Edo and husband, Philip Ehiagwina, are no longer together. Let’s learn more about Ini Edo below.

Ini Edo marriage


What really happened between Ini Edo and husband?

As revealed to fans from the media, one of the main problems in their marriage was that Philip lived in the United States. The fact that he is not based in Nigeria made this union inconvenient for the actress. She had to travel to another country to see her husband. It really does not match the standards of a regular family where the spouses live in the same territory, share everyday routines and see each other almost every day.

For some time Ini Edo tried to hide the problems, but they eventually became too obvious; then rumors started emerging that the couple had called quits on their marriage.

The marriage finally came to an end in 2008, the couple had no children together. There were no reasons to believe that the problems in their marriage could have been resolved peacefully, so it came as no surprise to fans when they separated.

Ini Edo ex-husband and reasons for divorce

Ini Edo’s wedding picture

Was there any for of betrayal in their marriage?

There were several reports online that an anonymous person was talking about infidelity and deception between Ini Edo husband and herself. However, at that time there was no reliable evidence to prove it. According to one version, the actress was cheating on her husband and lying about it. Ini Edo shoved this off as an absolute lie and said such statements were made by mischief makers in an absurd attempt to damage her reputation.

Ini Edo ex-husband and divorce

However, judging by the rumors, it is also difficult to describe Phillip as the ideal spouse too. His ex-wife, Ruth Okoro, at the beginning of this couple’s relationship in 2007, wrote a letter to Ini Edo advising her to stay away from Phillip. According to her, he has deceived many women.

Ruth did not show any aggression but only tried to caution the actress. At that time there were rumors going around that Ini Edo was pregnant for Philip; Ruth Okoro also went ahead to call her manager to plead with the actress to not be deceived by empty promises into falling in love with Philip.

Ini Edo ex-husband

When asked the cause of her divorce during an interview, Ini Edo said it was difficult to single out any major factor that ruined their union, considering there were many reasons accumulated over a long time. Ini Edo and Philip did not reach compromises and realized that they would not be able to build a family together.

Ini Edo

It was also learnt that it was Ini Edo’s wish to call off the marriage; apparently Philip turned out to be the kind of husband she did not need. Perhaps they could have coped with the disagreements if there had not been such a significant distance between them..

Ini Edo

Although this union did not turn out to be a lasting one, the situation taught Ini Edo a good lesson; she became stronger and experienced many pleasant moments that made her more matured and prepared for different life situations. She is now focusing on building her career and living a happier life.

The actress says she does not regret anything, and that is the most important part of the whole thing. Let us wish her good luck and happiness in life; she deserves it.

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