There was a mild drama (As expected) at the Big Brother house in the morning as Tacha got into a fight with Frodd.

It all started when Frodd and the other guys tried to get into the bathroom to shower. They, however, met a roadblock when Tacha didn’t want to share the bathroom with anyone.

This didn’t go down well with the guys as they all called out Tacha for being selfish. Frodd took it further as he continued to blast Tacha for her persistence. Tacha, on the other hand, wasn’t having of this as she took it upon herself to face Frodd as they both spent a few minutes slamming each other.

They continued to blast each other for several minutes as the other housemates tried to settle them. After a few minutes, Sir Dee was able to calm Frodd down while Tacha returned to the bathroom.

Well, it didn’t end there as Tacha came out of the shower calling Frodd stupid for trying to talk about violence. Frodd done with the argument didn’t reply Tacha as he calmly walked into the bathroom.

Tacha wasn’t done as she kept on insulting Frodd calling him an idiot and a fool for saying that he would use violence against her. Let’s just she was triggered by Frodd’s statement and wasn’t going to allow sleeping dogs to lie.

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