The stage is set as the BBNaija Pepper Dem gang prepare for their first Wager. On June 9, 2019, Big Brother had asked the Housemates to put up an elaborate play as their first Wager. Each week, throughout their stay in the House, Thursday Nights have been set aside for Wager Task Presentation Night. In addition, the Housemates’ performance will greatly influence the following week allowance.

What does Biggie want? To ensure that the Housemates are clear on the Wager, Biggie highlighted certain elements that should be in the play. First was the duration of the play. “Ain’t nobody gat time,” Biggie said so their play should last an hour. Also, housemates must fully partake in the preparation and presentation of the play. Furthermore, the play must feature elaborate costumes, makeup, musical acts and necessary props.

As soon as Nelson the HoH for this week read the note from Biggie, the Housemates began brainstorming for what their play should be centred on. Seyi was quickly appointed by fellow Housemates to be the producer and director of the play. Ella, Sir Dee and Khafi were to provide music to accompany the play. Kimoprah suggested that another person be selected to assist Seyi so that ideas would be equally represented.

One of Big Brother’s requirement was that the Housemates must come up with a theme for the play. Diane suggested a focus on pressing issues in society like depression. Sir Dee suggested they perform a play about the danger of a single story with the aim to change people’s perceptions of the tribes in Nigeria. On and on they went until a verbal fight broke out between Thelma and Esther on the former being insensitive in her referral to people with Down Syndrome.

Eventually, Biggie called the housemates one after the other into the diary room to ask them about the play but guess what he also did? He tried to bribe them with Bet9ja coins so they could disrupt the play. In other words, he was fishing to see who among the remaining 19 housemates was willing to betray the rest. To his surprise, more than half of them named their price. Here they are:


She would gladly disrupt the play the housemates are currently working on for 1000 Bet9ja coins.


She would willingly cause a disruption in the play for 500 Bet9ja coins.


She would accept 500 Bet9ja coins to cause  disturbance in the play.

Sir Dee

Sir Dee, who was careful while mentioning it, would gladly pocket a bribe of 250 Bet9ja coins in place of the play.


Kimoprah wouldn’t mind doing it for 250 Bet9ja coins.


Ike would disrupt the play for 250 Bet9ja coins.


Jeff would cause a disruption in the play if offered 200 Bet9ja coins.


Tacha would consider causing disruption for 1000 Bet9ja coins.


Tuoyo would give it a shot if offered 1000 Bet9ja coins as well.


Thelma would go for  bribe of 100 Bet9ja coins to disrupt the play.


Khafi would oblige Biggie’s request for 250 Bet9ja coins.