The BBNaija show may have ended but the drama is just starting. Recall that on the show, one of the housemates, Tacha, was very much talked about as she managed to stay controversial.

Despite that, Tacha’s fans outside the house did all they could for her to keep topping the voting charts every eviction night, including intimacy therapist, Jaruma.

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Things have however turned sour between Jaruma and Tacha seeing as the intimacy therapist recently labelled the former housemate as ungrateful on social media.

According to Jaruma, she went through a lot for Tacha only for her to not show gratitude after getting disqualified from the show. The new mother also explained how fans cursed her for campaigning for Tacha as they prayed for her to die during childbirth.

Jaruma further explained that after all she went through; Tacha came out of the house and acted like she did nothing for her. The intimacy therapist deleted the post shortly after putting it up.

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In other news, we reported that Jaruma had gifted comedian Mr Jollof the sum of N1m for defending BBNaija’s Tacha from haters particularly entertainer Tunde Ednut.

Mr Jollof had promised to beat up blogger, Tunde Ednut, for his obvious dislike towards Tacha. Tunde had been known to troll Tacha with posts on his Instagram page and Jollof threatened to beat him up whenever they meet.

The intimacy therapist had also promised Tacha N50m after she was disqualified from the reality show for violence.

According to her, she understands what Tacha was going through even though she does not support violence, rudeness or hate.

Jaruma, also noted that Tacha has no one on her side as she stated that the disqualified housemate lost her mother and even though she has her father and siblings, she still needs support. All this was before their fallout.