In the wake of the devastating building collapse which happened at Ifafaji, Lagos Island, a Nigerian lady has gone ahead to narrate how a building she had rented in Ajao estate had collapsed just 4 months into the period she lived in it.

The lady named Annie Okoh took to Twitter to narrate her very long and curious story. According to her, the entire decking of the building had fallen off completely. In fact, she would have been caught up in the whole collapse were it not for the intervention of God.

Even more, according to her, the neighbours around her were concerned about themselves in so much that when Annie demanded for refund of the 12 months rent she had paid on the collapsed building, they got all cranky and confrontational.

Later, due to the activism on Twitter, the landlord was forced to pay for the refund and also for the damages that had been caused in the process of the collapse. Annie wrote a long explanation detailing how the caretaker had treated the situation with casualness.

Apparently, it was not the first time such event was happening in the compound. Annie went through how the lawyer had pushed for a refund, to how she left the house, found a better apartment and passed through the house only to find that another tenant had moved in!

Read her tweets below:

Quite an enraged tweet, you would say. Well, the reactions of Nigerians to this were even more outraged and poised to address the wrongness of the building collapse. See some of the reactions below: