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One of the things Governor Ajimobi is known for is having a wonderful family. He has been blessed with four amazing daughters and one equally amazing son. However, today, we will only focus on Abiola Ajimobi daughters and tell you what we know about each of them. Check it out!

Abiola Ajimobi daughters

Abiola Ajimobi married his wife Florence back in 1980. Since then, they have had five children, all of whom are grown up now. Let’s talk about their daughters and what they are up to these days, starting with the oldest.

Abisola Kola Daisi


Probably, one of the most well-known and popular daughters of Abiola Ajimobi is his first child Abisola. Abisola is in her late thirties.

Abisola is known for her luxurious lifestyle. Her Instagram account (@abi_kd) is full of gorgeous shots involving expensive resorts, exclusive clothes and famous people. Abisola met such stars as Kelly Rowland, Jeff Leatham and Khloe Kardashian among many others.

Apart from being a lover of luxury, Abisola is also an entrepreneur. She is the creator of ‘The Luxury Lifestyle Market’ and the CEO of AKD Lifestyle. Through her business, she gets to express her love of fashion and help others find their own style.

But wait, that is not all:

Abisola and family

Abisola is also a wife and a mother. In 2010, she married the love of her life Kolapo Kola-Daisi, the son of a billionaire industrialist from Ibadan. They had a gorgeous wedding in Ibadan that was actually planned by her younger sister Ajibola. Abiola and her husband have three adorable children together, two boys and a girl.

If you are a fan of aesthetically pleasing photography and beautiful people, we definitely recommend you follow Abisola on Instagram. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

Abimbola “Bimbo” Ajimobi


Abimbola Ajimobi is probably the most mysterious Ajimobi daughter. Unlike most members of her family, she stays away from social media and the news. The only thing we could find about her is that, at one point, she was supposed to marry Kunle Ade-Ojo, Managing Director of Toyota Nigeria.

According to SocietyNow, Bimbo was engaged to Kunle back in 2012, and the two were supposed to get married, but called-off their relationship and marriage plans. The split was sudden for both the public and their close circle, as preparations for the wedding were well underway.


Even though Bimbo does not have her own Instagram account, she sometimes appears in her sisters’ photos. Thanks to Abisola’s Instagram, we were able to find out that Abimbola had a baby sometime in 2016. The baby boy is called BabyM by his aunt Abisola.

Abimbola keeps her private life very guarded, so we do not know whether she is married, or if she has other children. The only other thing we can tell you about her is that she is in her mid-thirties.

Ajibola “Jibs” Ajimobi


The third daughter of governor Ajimobi is Ajibola, or, as many lovingly call her, Jibs. Ajibola takes after her older sisters. She has her own business called Party Station. Jibs is also an event manager. She organised her older sister’s wedding, as well as dozens of various events for her family and clients.

Fun fact:

Abisola was actually the one who organised Ajibola’s engagement party. In June 2015, she turned her sister’s birthday party into an engagement surprise! Jibs and her husband Ayokuble Ajayi got married the same year in Beirut and then had their traditional wedding in Ibadan.

Jibs and family

The couple currently has two children, twins called Demilayo and Demilade that were born in 2016. However, the two boys will soon have a little brother, as Ajibola recently had a gender reveal party for her coming third baby.

Despite appearing in the news from time to time, Ajibola is actually rather private. Her Instagram account @jibssssss is only open to those she deems worthy. Nevertheless, you can often see her in Abisola’s photos, as well as on her husband’s Instagram (@ayo_aj20).

Ajijola “Ajay” Ajimobi


And speaking of babies, we have finally got to the youngest daughter in the Ajimobi family, Ajijola aka Ajay. She celebrated her 20th birthday in November 2017.

Despite being quite young, she is already a CEO. She has her own company called Lush Locks that sells hair extensions and wigs. She and her sisters also model for the company’s website.

Even though Ajay is only 20 years old, she seems to be living the big life. Unfortunately, she recently suffered a big loss.

In October, her boyfriend of two years DJ Olu was found dead in his car. This hit Ajay pretty hard, as the two of them were really close.

Well, Ajay’s life has to continue. She seemed to be feeling better these days, although her Instagram (@ajayajimobi) has not been active since the end of last year.

That is all we can tell you about the Ajimobi sisters. Each of them is fascinating in her own way. Make sure you follow them on Instagram if you want to know more about their lives.

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