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Not another day goes by without juicy news about Wizkid. This time, people are alleging that Tiwa Savage is the newest Wizkid girlfriend. Is it true? What do both parties say about the rumours? How have the fans reacted to the news? Find out all about it here.

Is Tiwa Savage a new Wizkid girlfriend?

Are rumours about Tiwa Savage and Wizkid true?

First of all, let’s consider the situation. We have the wonderful and talented singer-songwriter Tiwa Savage (38) and the equally talented and brilliant musician Wizkid (27). The pair has often worked together on their music ever since they recorded their first collab on the song called Bad from Tiwa’s sophomore album R.E.D. Even back then, their fans have started to notice the apparent chemistry between the two.

That said, back then, Tiwa was still married to Tunji Balogun (otherwise known as Tee Billz), while Wizkid was probably hanging out with one of his many girlfriends, so it was hard to say for sure whether there was anything real between the two artists at the time.

Over the years, both Tiwa and Wizkid have fuelled the rumour machine with dubious social media posts and frequent appearances in public together. For instance, not that long ago, Wizkid gave a birthday shoutout to Tiwa on his Instagram, where he literally called her his Queen.

Later, the two have been seen at a comedy show and a restaurant together, and back in March, they have shared a very sensual embrace (and even a little kiss) on stage during their performance at Gidi Culture Fest.

All of this made everyone speculate about the nature of the relationship between the two musicians. Was Tiwa the newest Wizkid’s girlfriend or were they just really good friends?

What made things even more confusing was the fact that Wizkid’s ex Tania Omotayo and Tiwa have unfollowed each other, even though the two were friends. Tania’s enigmatic post with the quote from Nene Leaks “You cannot be friends with people who secretly want your life” only added fuel to the fire.


Tiwa often regards Wizkid as her ‘bestie’, and she seems very happy to have him in her life, especially taking into account her messy relationship with Tee Billz. At the same time, Wizkid’s social media has not featured any of his lady friends (other than Tiwa) in quite a while.

As you might expect, neither party has addressed the topic of their alleged relationship head on, which leaves the fans wondering. But as soon as they make it official, we will make sure you know about it first.

What do fans think about the whole Tiwa Savage & Wizkid thing?

Tiwa Savage a new Wizkid girlfriend?

Probably not a day goes by without someone asking Google: “Who is Wizkid girlfriend?” A lot of fans are curious to know about his personal life, and many would probably like to see him single (for a miniscule chance of becoming his newest fling). Now that the people have started saying that the artist’s heart has been stolen by Tiwa Savage, not all are happy about this newest development.

A lot of fans disapprove of this alleged relationship because of the quite significant age difference. Some even go as far as to call Tiwa ‘agbaya’. At the same time, people do not want her to become just another Wizkid baby mama (and he has three of those).

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On the other hand, many fans express their support regardless of whether the relationship between Tiwa and Wizkid is real or not. Some smart individual also pointed out that Wizkid has lots of photos with his guy friends, and nobody bats an eyelash, while the second he posts something with his female friend, it automatically means that they are dating.

All that said, love is love, and if Tiwa found it with Wizkid, so be it. Who are we to judge? We just hope that they are both happy (together or apart) and that they continue making great music. We wish them both the best!

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