Actor rescues baby girl who was eaten by insects after she was dumped in the bush (PICS)


A South African actor identified as Siv Ngesi has rescued a baby girl who was abandoned and dumped in a bush. The actor revealed that the baby must have been dumped in the bush by her mother.

Ngesi shared beautiful photos of himself having fun with the baby girl after he rescued her from the bush.


The talented actor, who shared the photos of himself and the beautiful baby girl on Twitter, explained that the baby girl had been eaten by some insects and animals while she was in the bush.

South African actor Siv Ngesi

South African actor Siv Ngesi rescues girl dumped by mom in the bush eaten by insects
Twitter source: Siv Ngesi
Source: Twitter

According to the actor, the baby girl always smiles and laughs despite all she went through in the bush where she was abandoned.

In the photos, it could be seen that there are injuries from the bites on the little girl’s hands. She was seen smiling at the actor in the photos.

Ngesi wrote: “I met this little princess this weekend, she was left in the bush by her “mother” and she was eaten by insects/animals! But she smiles and laughs nonstop, she stole my heart!”

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