5 Reasons we can’t stop loving Sola Sobowale (PHOTOS)


‘Toyin Tomato’, is a name that rings bells in the mind of any Nigerian that grew up from around here. A real veteran, Sola Sobowale has rocked our screens with her acting skills for over two decades.

Sola Sobowale

Today, she is a very successful Nigerian film actress, screenwriter, director and producer. To this end, she has received a number of awards, recognitions, and nominations. Just last year, she was nominated in the Special Recognition Category by Best of Nollywood Awards.

Beyond her many accomplishments, there are many reasons why we love Sola Sobowale. Here are just five of them.

She’s a talented actress

Sola Sobowale is first an actress and then anything else. She has been acting hits for so long now and she still continues to rule the show. While she has acted so many roles in so many Nollywood movies, some really just stand out. The first major hit is her role in the TV drama series Super Story ‘Oh Father! Oh Daughter! Where she earned the name “Toyin Tomato.” More recently, she dazzled in the recent movie “The wedding Party” and it was wonderful. The movie would certainly not have been complete without her.


She’s funny

Sola Sobowale

Another reason we love her is the fact that she is one hilarious actress. Sola Sobowale can make you laugh so hard, that you forget you sorrows. Most of her movies give her the freedom to be dramatic and needless to say, she kills it.

Her role in ‘The Wedding Party’ put the final touch on it and a few of her scenes were recreated to making the funniest gifs and memes. We love the fact that she makes us laugh for sure.

  • She loves education

Initially, the veteran actress opted out of the College of Education she was in so that she could follow her dream by going to Ibadan which was known for entertainment at the time.

After a while, Tunji Oyelana, (Sura Di Tailor) who married her elder sister, got her enrolled in the University of Ibadan’s Department of Music as she needed to still get educated regardless. She has also ensured that her kids received the best education they could get.

She can dance

Thanks to ‘The Wedding Party’, a lot of us have come to realize that she can actually rock the stage when it comes to dancing. Her dancing scene didn’t just make the movie have a vibe of fun to it, that particular scene went viral. Her dancing skills are so on point and it is part of the reasons we love her.

Sola Sobowale

She’s a wonderful mother

Finally, we love the actress because she is a family woman. She has two really smart and beautiful girls, Kehinde & Taiwo Sobowale, and she is constantly supporting them all the way.

Sola Sobowale

The proud mother even posted wonderful pictures on her social media pages recently to make her daughters turning super twenty-six. From the pictures, you can tell that the daughters are as proud of their mother as she is of them.