Nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu-Adegeye and his wife, Victoria have been married for 15 years. The couple had their 15th wedding anniversary recently.

What has kept their home despite several failed marriages in Nollywood?

The couple, who both work in the same industry, revealed that love is eternal and when properly managed, a home can stand forever.

Disclosing that there have been challenges in the union, Victoria said, “There are challenges being married to a celebrity but I think I have been able to overcome them. I don’t allow such things bother me. Even his female fans don’t bother me because he has managed that part of his life very well.”

For Funsho, who often features as a lover boy in Yoruba movies, he disclosed that his Christian walk gave him an edge over temptations.

He said, “I am able to do that successfully because I believe if I am to live as the Christian that I say I am, people should see me and see that I have several qualities they can emulate. Whatever happens in the industry, I see it as things of the world. I like to be original; I don’t like to portray what I am not. I like what I do and when I am acting, I want to be at my best and that is where it ends.”

With a wife from Akwa Ibom, what has an Ondo man like Funso Adeolu done to maintain the tempo of love and understanding in the union?

“Before our wedding, I had some people who wondered why I wanted to marry a non-Yoruba and I had to ask them who was getting married. The fact that she speaks Yoruba fluently is a plus and I also understand her dialect a bit,” he said.

How do they spend their intimate moments as a couple?

Victoria said, “We spend a lot of time talking and playing. We can be indoors for days and we won’t run out of things to talk about. That boils down to the friendship that exists between the both of us. Sometimes, we even quarrel and before you know it, we have started talking again like long time pals do.”

Funsho revealed that they still go to the club to unwind.

“My wife and I still go clubbing. I know many people will be surprised to read this,” he said.

How did the actor meet his wife?

“I met her at Zeb Ejiro’s office. Then she worked behind the camera. We started as friends and here we are today. We have been married for 15 years.

Wondering what the attraction was?

Well, Funsho said, “She was very simple and original. No make- up, no special hairdo and she wore very decent clothes. She just looked very African and that was the attraction for me.”

Was wooing Victoria difficult?

“ She gave me a slightly tough time because she kept dodging me but hard as she tried to evade me, God always brought us together one way or the other. I can’t explain it but we always met and each time she wanted to run away from me, I was always there to ambush her,” he said.

To have courted for eight years before marriage is a plus to the couple. “Some people might consider that as a long time but it was a great period in our lives. It was during this time that we discovered that we had so many things in common. For instance, she sings and I do same too. We both love to dance and during our courtship, we were always together. If you saw me and you didn’t see her, it only meant she was on her way .She had a good knowledge of my job because she worked with Tunji Bamishigbin.”

Describing her husband, Victoria said, “My husband is a very nice person. He is also humble and gentle. There was no way I could have minded getting married to someone in the limelight. At the time we met, he was not as popular as he is now. Besides, I was in the industry and I knew a lot. Even then I knew he was an actor but I was not too conversant with his roles in movies.”

What do they want changed about each other?

Funsho declined wanting any change. In fact, he said he loves his wife’s stubborn attitude.
“My wife is stubborn but interestingly, I like that part of her because that gingers me alot. I procrastinate and when I have ideas or projects I want to carry out; she is on my neck until I deliver. My wife has changed my life and I love her physical looks. There is nothing I want to change and I don’t want to add anything,” he enthused.

And Victoria? “I love my husband the way he is and will not like to change anything about him. Over the years, I have come to accept him for who he is. Trying to change anything means I have to start adjusting again,” she said.