11 Osha Pra Pra Ankara Styles To Start Your Week (PHOTOS)


These 11 ankara styles are bound to put more spring in your step today. The styles are simple and elegant and they should be in your wardrobe too, ladies. The weekend is gradually creeping in and you need to be set for that non-official Friday look with some of these ankara styles.

They are the styles that in street lingo, we call osha pra pra styles.

Outfits by @beccaapparel

Cc @thembisamdoda

Cc @ms_yudee in @tailoredbyjiro

Cc @nduku123

Cc @petitetonia

Cc @symdeycouture

Cc @ironyofashi in @f.l.a.i.r

Outfits by @iyangatribe

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