“Kuku kill us now” – These 10 Pictures Will Prove To You That Richard Mofe Damijo Will Make An Amazing Model (Photos)

richard mofe damijo

Everybody knows the veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo is the ultimate daddy goals honestly.

Well, he put out this post on Instagram:

Basically, he wanted to know asking if modelling was his next big thing and we have the answer. 


Because to be quite honest, Daddy Damijo still got it. But for ye unbelievers, here are a few pictures that will make you join the bandwagon:

1. This picture of him smiling. Focusing on his smile and the suit simultaneously

Image: WeddingDigestNaija


2. Pretty sure he’ll make this blazer go out of stock

Image: MofeDamijo/Instagram

3. Look at how the glasses and hat look good on him. Bring these things his way abeg

Image: MofeDamijo/Instagram

4. Finna use this when Daddy Damijo makes it to Vogue! 

Image: MofeDamijo/Instagram

 5. If you’re really not feeling him, you’re a hater tbh

6. Here for all of this.

7. We endorse you! Carry go abeg.

8. Who knows president may look good on him too?

9. Kuku kill us now.

Image: MofeDamijo/Instagram

10. Nah. This man is model material.

Image: MofeDamijo/Instagram

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