You know those who are ready to party by their outfits. Nigerians never slack when it comes to parties and will always have a reason to bring out their dancing shoes. I am sure the average Nigerian, when woken up from sleep is party ready.

Most of the outfits we have put together in this post are of the simple variety. Some people like to make dresses or outfits in general that can be worn to multiple places, apart from the initial owambe the outfit was intended for.

Cc @queen_silekunolanaomi_ogunwusi x @simi_oluwaseyi

Cc @jokatemwegelo in @Kyamirwa

Cc @alex_unusual in @nhn_couture

Photography by @jema_photography

Cc @chiomagoodhair dressed in @yuteerone

Dress @divalukky

Cc @tosynn__ in @mahbibi.b

Cc @queenanita_u in @jbliving