We Got Them for You!! See Our Favourite Kente Styles (PHOTOS)


Did you know that the cloth used in making the dress normally called Kente or Nwentom in Akan is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is a native to the AKAN ethnic group of South Ghana? These are our favourite kente styles.


The Kente cloth has its origin from the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana. And in fact all these beautiful colours you see on the stunning material do have symbolic meanings. .

The Kente has now marked its territory as one of the most popular clothing material in Africa and worldwide.

Kente Gown by @sima_brew

Kente by @pistisgh

Cc @tracysarkcess

Gown by @sima_brew

Cc @foriwaa88

Cc @jaycherieamour in @ajoaakwaboah

Cc @empress_jamila in @sima_brew

Cc @empress_jamila in Kente Gown by @sima_brew

Cc @lillyafe in kente skirt by @nonnisticsfashion

Cc @missharlley & Groom. Dress by @pistisgh

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