Unique Yoruba names and meaning to choose for your baby boy and Girl


Yoruba names are unique mainly because they carry powerful meanings. It is believed that the name will have an impact on the destiny of the child or family. Below is a list of Yoruba names and meaning. You will find some that you are probably used to and also some uncommon Yoruba names.

Unique Yoruba names

In Yoruba land, when parents give birth to their children, they carefully select the names these children will carry all their lives. There are many factors that contribute to the name given to a child. The type of family e.g. royal family, events that occurred or still happening around the time of the child’s birth, circumstances surrounding the birth, the kind of destiny they want for the child, e.t.c. Also, there are some common prefixes and suffixes or word that can be commonly found in Yoruba names. They include:

  • Ade or Oye – Ade means crown and it is a prefix before names of most children born into a royal lineage.
  • Ayo – used to signify joy
  • Oluwa or Olu – Meaning God
  • Ola – Means wealth
  • Odun – used for children born in a festive season.

Yoruba names and their meaning

Yoruba names are also classified into categories. We have:

  • Destiny names – In the Yoruba language, they are referred to as “Oruko Amutorunwa”
  • Acquired Names – In the Yoruba language, they are referred to as “Oruko Abiso”
  • Panegyrics – In the Yoruba language, they are referred to as “Oriki”
  • Oruko Abiku – Names given to a child born after successive deaths of previous children.

We have decided to create a long list of Yoruba names and their meaning in order to meet all your needs. These names have been categorised separately for boys and girls for your convenience.

Yoruba names for babies

Yoruba female names

1. Aanuoluwakiishi: This name means God’s mercy doesn’t fade away or end.

2. Abifoluwa: Meaning Born for God.

3. Abimbola: Meaning Born into wealth

4. Abisola: Born into a wealthy family.

5. Abosede: This name is giving to girl born on the first day of the week.

6. Adebimpe: The crown gave birth to me.

7. Adebisi: We’ve added to the crown.

8. Adebola: The crown meets with wealth.

9. Adedayo: The crown becomes joy.

10. Adelola: The crown has wealth.

11. Ademuyiwa: The crown brought this.

12. Adepeju: The crown is full of honour.

13. Aderonke: The crown has something to pamper.

14. Adesanya: Reward my suffering.

15. Adesewa: The crown makes beauty or the crown of beauty.

16. Adesola : The crown makes wealth

17. Adetoke: The crown should be handled honourably

18. Adetola : The crown is worthy of wealth

19. Adetutu: The crown is soothing/gentle

20. Adewemimo: The crown washed me clean

21. Adewunmi: I am desirous of the crown

22. Adunni: One who is sweet to have

23. Aduragbemi: Prayer favoured me or Prayer lifted me.

24. Akintoye: Strength is enough title

25. Anjolaifeoluwa: I am enjoying the love of God

26. Anrolaoluwayo: We are seeing the Lord’s goodness and rejoicing

27. Anuoluwabamise: The mercy of God has done it for me

28. Anuoluwadamisi: God’s mercy kept me

29. Anuoluwakiishi: The mercy of God never moves/fades

30. Anuoluwapo or Anuoluwaposi – God is merciful

31. Araoluwa – Wonder of God

32. Araoluwanimi – I am God’s wonder

33. Atinuke – Taken care of from conception

34. Atofarati – Dependable/ The one you can lean on

35. Ayanfeoluwanimi – I am God’s beloved

36. Ayodapomope – Joy mixed with thanksgiving

37. Ayokunumi – I am overwhelmed with joy

38. Ayoola – The joy of wealth

39. Ayooluwa – The joy of the lord

40. Ayotola – Joy is enough wealth

41. Ayotundun – Joy is sweet

42. Ayowumi – I want joy

43. Boluwatife – As God wants it

44. Digiola – Mirror of wealth or Reflection of wealth

45. Ebunifewamiri – God’s gift of love found me

46. Ereadura – Reward of prayers

47. Eriadurami – Testimony of my prayer

48. Eriayomi – My testimony of joy

49. Eriifeoluwasimi – Proof or Evidence of God’s love to me

50. Erimipe – My testimony is complete

Yoruba naming ceremony

51. Erinkansilemi – Laughter landed in my home

52. Ewaoluwa – Beauty of God

53. Ewatomi – Beauty is enough

54. Eyitayo – Sufficient cause for joy

55. Eyitomilayo – This is enough for me to rejoice

56. Eyiwunmimitoluwasefunmi – I like this particular thing the Lord did for me

57. Fadekemi – Pamper me with the crown

58. Fadesewa – Beautified with crown

59. Fadesike – The Lord has beautified me with honour

60. Fadesope – The Lord has beautified me with thanks

61. Folashade – Use wealth as a crown

62. Gbemisola – Carry/lift me unto wealth

63. Ibukunoluwa – God’s blessing

64. Idunnuola – Happiness

65. Ifeoluwakofimisile – God’s love has never departed from me/ left me

66. Ikeoluwa – The care of God

67. Ilerioluwa – Promise

68. Irekanmi – Good things come to me

69. Irekitan – Good things/deeds will not finish

70. Ireoluwatomiwa – God’s goodness comes to me

71. Iretiola – Anticipation of wealth

72. Iretioluwa – God’s hope

73. Iseoluwa – Work of God

74. Iteoluwa – Altar/throne of God

75. Itunuoluwa – Comfort of God

76. Iyalomowun – The mother cherishes the child

77. Kasopefoluwa – Let’s give praise/ thanks to the lord

78. Kikelomo – A child is meant to be pampered

79. Kikiogoluwa – Full of God’s glory

Yoruba mom and her baby-girl

80. Kikiolaoluwanimoje -It’s only the grace of God I received

81. Kikiopefoluwa – It’s only thanks to God

82. Mobolade – I came with wealth

83. Mobolaji – I woke up with wealth

84. Mobolarinwa – I walk in with wealth

85. Mofarayolaoluwa – I rub in God’s wealth

86. Mofeoluwa – I love God

87. Mofeyisopefoluwa – I thank God with this

88. Mogbadunolajesu – I am enjoying the wealth or goodness of God

89. Mojirola – I woke up to wealth

90. Mololuwatonjoba – I have a God that reigns

91. Momoreoluwa – I know God’s goodness

92. Momoririoluwa – I know the worth or importance of God

93. Monifa – I am lucky

94. Moraanugba – obtained mercy

95. Morayo – I see joy

96. Morenike – I have found a person to pamper

97. Morianuoluwa – I see God’s mercy

98. Morireoluwa – I see God’s goodness

99. Morireoluwagbanilealaaye – I received the goodness of God on earth/ in the land of the living

100. Morotolaoluwa – I see the wealth of God

Unique Yoruba names for girls

101. Morounranti – I see something to remember

102. Mosinmileoluwa – I rest on God

103. Mosopefoluwa – l give thanks to God

104. Moyosooretoluwasefunmi – I rejoice to the goodness of God/ God’s gift to me

105. Moyosooretoluwaseninuayemi – I enjoy the good that the lord did in my life

106. Ninioluwalere – Having God pays

107. Ododo – Flower

108. Odunayo – Year of joy

109. Odunola – Year of wealth

110. Ogooluwa – Glory of God

111. Ogooluwatomiwa – God’s glory comes to me

112. Ojumiriireoluwa – My eyes see the goodness of God

113. Ojumitirireoluwa – My eyes have seen the goodness of God

114. Oladayo – Wealth becomes joy

115. Olajumoke – Wealth unites to pamper

116. Olaoluwatomi – God’s wealth is enough for me

117. Olubunmi – Gift of God

118. Oluwabukunmi – God blesses me

119. Oluwabusayo – God adds to joy

120. Oluwabusola – God adds to wealth

121. Oluwadamifunre – God created me for his goodness

122. Oluwadarasimi – God is good to me

123. Oluwadunbarin – It is such a joy to walk with God

124. Oluwadunsin – It is sweet to serve God

125. Oluwaferanmi – God likes me

126. Oluwafiebunifesetojumisibe – God’s gift of love still preserves me

127. Oluwafifehanmi – God showed me love

128. Oluwafiirekanmi – God touched me with goodness

129. Oluwafukunremi – God added to my goodness

130. Oluwagbohunmi – God heard my voice

131. Oluwajomiloju – God has surprised me

132. Oluwajomilojupupo – The Lord has greatly surprised me

133. Oluwakanyinsinuolami – God added honey to my wealth

134. Oluwalanumi – God is so merciful to me

135. Oluwalonimi – I belong to God/ God’s property

136. Oluwamakinwa – God’s goodness

137. Oluwamayomikun – God has completed my joy

138. Oluwamayowan- God’s mercy

139. Oluwamumibori – God made me an overcomer

140. Oluwamumirayomi – God has made me witness my joy

141. Oluwamurewa – God has brought goodness

142. Oluwaniewami – God is my beauty

143. Oluwanikayin – Our praise should be unto God

144. Oluwapemisayo – Lord called me to happiness

145. Oluwapemisere – Lord called me to goodness

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146. Oluwarogbayimika – God built an edge around me

147. Oluwasemilogo – God has given me glory

148. Oluwasemiyefunogore – God has singled me out for his glory

149. Oluwaseunbabarafunmi – God has done a wondrous/ miraculous thing for me

150. Oluwaseyifunmi – God did this for me

151. Oluwasindara – God still performs wonders

152. Oluwasunmibare – God draws me nearer to goodness

153. Oluwatamiloreire – The Lord gave me a good gift

154. Oluwateniola – God is all encompassing

155. Oluwatetisimi – God heard my voice/ God has listened to my voice

156. Oluwatetisiohunebemi – God listened to my voice/ cry for help

157. Oluwatetisioromi – God listened to my plea

158. Oluwatishemipetan – God has totally completed me

159. Oluwatitunmise – God has repaired me/renewed me

160. Oluwatofunmi – God is sufficient/ enough for me

161. Oluwatomilola/Oluwatomini – God is sufficient /enough for me

162. Oluwatunmise – God has beautified me

163. Oluwayemisi – God honours me

164. Omobobola – A child who came to meet wealth

165. Omobolanle – A child who met wealth at home

166. Omodunni – A child is sweet to have

167. Omolabake – A child to be pampered

168. Omowunmi – I love children

169. Opeyimika – Surrounded by praise

170. Oreofeoluwakitan – God’s grace never ends

171. Oreofeoluwatofunmi – The Grace of the Lord is sufficient for me

172. Oreoluwa – God’s friend

173. Oreoluwarinsola – The goodness of God walked into wealth

174. Orode – Wealth is here/has arrived

175. Oyindasola – Dasola Honey pours into wealth

176. Oyindumade: This name means Honey is sweet with crown.

177. Oyinlola: Honey is wealth.

178. Sibesibeoluwanbepelumi: Meaning, despite everything, God is still with me.

179. Simisola: To relax in wealth

180. Tanidabioluwa: The name means “who is like God”?

181. Tanitoluwa: Meaning “who is like unto God”?

182. Tanitoluwami: Who is like my God?

183. Temilade: It means the crown belongs to me.

184. Tiaraoluwa: The Lord’s wonder/ From God’s body

185. Tiwatope: This name means our situation is worthy of thanksgiving.

186. Toluwalashe: The will of God be done

187. Yejide: This means image of her mother.

188. Yewande: This name means mother looked for me.

189. Yeyetunde: This name is usually given to a girl born just immediately after the death of a grandmother. It means mother has returned.

190. Yosolaoluwa: This name means to enjoy the wealth of God.

Unique Yoruba names for boys

Yoruba names for baby boy

1. Abayomrunkoje – God won’t allow humiliation

2. Abegunde – One born during the holiday

3. Abeo – The bringer of happiness

4. Abiade – One who is born of royal parents

5. Abidugun – One born before the war

6. Adebamgbe – A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me

7. Adepero – The crown has brought peace

8. Adesanya – My pains have been compensated with the arrival of this child.

9. Adeshola – One who is crowned to bring wealth

10. Adetayo – Crown has brought us great joy

11. Adetola – The crown can be measured or compared to wealth.

12. Adetope – The crown is worthy of praise

13. Adetosoye – The crown is entitled to the throne

14. Ayinde – We gave praise and he came

15. Ayotomiwa – Joy has come to me

16. Ayotunde – Joy has returned

17. Babasola – Father’s wealth has arrived

18. Banjoko – Don’t ever leave me

19. Bankole – Build a home for me

20. Bayode – A child that came with joy

21. Bayowa – He has come with joy

22. Durojaiye – Wait to enjoy the pleasures of the world.

23. Durosinmi – Wait to rest

24. Esupofo – The devil has lost

25. Farayioluwa – I rely on God

26. Fiyifolu – Give honor to God

27. Folu – A shy or timid man

28. Gbadebo – The one who brings the crown

29. Idogbe – The second child born after twins

30. Ifelewa – The beautiful love

31. Inioluwa – Acquiring God’s treasure

32. Iranola – A wealthy family

33. Iyanu-Oluwa – The miracle of God

34. Jaiyesimi- One who believes in enjoying the life

35. Jesutosin – Jesus is worthy of worship

36. Jimoh – One who is born on a Friday

37. Kaseko – To mock or ridicule someone

38. Mabayoje – Yoruba term meaning do not destroy joy

39. Mobo – Freedom

40. Mobolaji – A boy who is born of wealth

41. Modadeola – A man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence

42. Modupeore – Thank you God for this gift

43. Modurodoluwa – I waited on the Lord

44. Modurolorilerioluwa – One who stands on the promise of God

45. Mofetoluwa – A man who graciously accepts God’s will

46. Mofihinfoluwa – To God be the glory

47. Mofolorunso – One who is placed in God’s care

48. Monjolaoluwa – Enjoying the wealth of God

49. Morenikeji – This child resembles me

50. Naade – A boy who is born in royalty

Yoruba names for boys

51. Niyilolawa – The wealth is here

52. Numilekunoluwa – Clean my tears, oh Lord.

53. Obafemi – The King loves me

54. Obaloluwa – God is the king

55. Obasolape – Yoruba term meaning God has made his wealth complete

56. Obatotosinloluwa – God is indeed worthy of praise

57. Odunayo – Year of happiness

58. Ogooluwa – The glory of God

59. Olabamiji – Wealth wakes with me

60. Olabisi – The joy is multiple

61. Oladayo – Wealth has become joy

62. Olajuwon – The exaltation of the triumph

63. Olamilekan – My wealth has increased by one

64. Olorunyomi – God has saved me

65. Olumoroti – I stand with God

66. Olusola – God has blessed me

67. Oluwagbenga – God has lifted me up

68. Oluwatoke – God is worthy to be adored

69. Oson – Summer

70. Pamilekunayo – One who brings tears of joy

71. Remilekun – Stopped my grief

72. Rereloluwa – God is good all the time

73. Ropo – Come to save or Replace

74. Sangodele – The God of thunder has come

75. Sareola – One who is walking towards getting healthy

76. Seriki – Leader of an Islamic community

77. Seye – Honour

78. Shakale – The almighty

79. Shoyebi – A word used for wizards who wards off the evil

80. Sijuwade – A man who is destined for greatness (often from a royal family).

81. Similoluwa – Rest in the Lord

82. Sunkanmi – A Yoruba word meaning draw close to me

83. Sunmoluwa – One who is moving closer towards God

84. Tadenikawo – Person under the protection of the crown

85. Tanimola – Nobody knows what lies tomorrow

86. Tantoluwa – One who is like God

87. Tayo – Boy full of happiness

88. Tejumola – One who looks forward to better days

89. Teleayo – The one who lays ground for joy

90. Teleola – He has laid ground for wealth

91. Teniayo – The foundation of joy

92. Tifeoluwa – It is the will of God

93. Tiwa – One who owns the crown or kingship

94. Tiwalade – The crown in ours

95. Tokunbo – One who is from across the sea

96. Tolulola – Wealth belongs to God.

97. Tolulope – To God be the glory

98. Toluwalase – Authority belongs to God

99. Toluwalogo – The glory belongs to God

100. Yele – One who befits the family

Happy family

These are just a few of the unique Yoruba names and their meaning. Most times the long ones are abbreviated by people because of the difficulty in pronouncing the name. We hope you have found some of these name interesting.