Trendy Ankara skirt and blouse styles for real fashionistas (PHOTOS)


In general, best Ankara designs for skirt and blouse include some common trends of 2018. Fringe, lace, sequins, and frills – play with Ankara fabric in a new way. At the same time, the bright colors and floral prints reached a peak of popularity.

Best Ankara designs for skirt and blouse

Ankara skirts and blouses are present in any woman’s wardrobe. Due to the wide range, modern items are perfect for any style of clothing: everyday, evening or office. Of course, these options can adorn any Nigerian woman. Just choose the correct design.

Ankara style for skirt and blouse

Let’s start with blouses

Of course, as a rule, Ankara bright fabrics have a multicolored pattern or ornament. But if you follow the latest trends choose fabric for a blouse in one or several basic colors indicated below.

Trendy colors of Ankara blouses 2018 are the following:

  • black
  • white
  • ivory
  • red
  • blue
  • beige
  • red
  • green
  • purple

Ankara style for skirt and blouse with open shoulders

Trendy blouses with open shoulders

Ankara blouse with open shoulders, decorated with lapels, flounces and other elements of decor, is a perfect complement for the ensemble in a festive and casual style 2018. It’s easy to make stylish images using such blouses. Blouses with no straps are presented in a wide range this season. The models can be of loose or fitted tailoring, with short and long sleeves or sleeveless.

Ankara designs with open shoulders for skirt and blouse

Ruches and flounces often adorn the décolleté and shoulders, and sometimes are present on the sleeves. They can be either single-layered or multi-layered. The color scheme of ruches and flounces usually is in one tone with a blouse or may have another color palette. To create this kind of decor lace is also used. Lace flounces look very tender and romantic.

Of course, such a trim on the waistline is also very popular among Nigerian ladies. But we shall talk about peplum style below.

Ankara peplum design for skirt and blouse

Ankara blouses with peplum style

A wide ruffle around the waist turns an ordinary blouse into something special and unforgettable. Nigerian ladies like this design of blouses and dresses so much, that it probably will be in fashion forever. Do you agree that no design emphasizes all the charms of a female figure so ideally, as peplum?

Ankara peplum blouse

Our fashionistas use it everywhere in different variations. The peplum frill can be narrow or wide, single-layered or multi-layered. It may be with the same length or different-leveled, with a classic cut or asymmetric and so on.

Original peplum blouse and skirt

As for the color solution, it’s possible to make a peplum in one color with the blouse. In this case, a more traditional image is obtained. And you can underline peplum with Ankara fabric of another color or pattern..

Ankara blouse with asymmetry style

Asymmetry style

The desire to move away from the mirrored halves is evident in styles 2018. Designers often combine several trends, decorating blouses with corrugated fabric bands, open spaces, three-dimensional elements, translucent inserts but only on one side.

Ankara blouse with lace

Fashion Ankara blouses with lace

Today, when the lace is at the top of popularity, Nigerian fashionistas often use it in their mixed outfits. To create lovely Ankara blouses lace is an ideal additional material.

Ankara blouse with black lace

Recently, blouses with black lace are often chosen to supplement their beautiful images by both young girls and women. The black lace can add special originality to the outfit and make it more exquisite. Of course, while creating attires, the other lace colors are also used. When creating Ankara blouse, lace is usually taken for sleeves and décolleté zone decoration. The shape of the inserts and the amount of lace used for such blouses depends only on the taste of a lady.

Ankara skirt

Ankara skirts

Some of the trendiest Ankara skirts 2018 are long options and delicate models of medium length. Designers offer an amazing choice: long straight and flared styles as well as mermaid maxi and midi designs. Although the pencil skirt is not in the top of styles this year, it remains relevant.

Ankara design with a pencil skirt

Ankara pencil skirts

Of course, a lot of Nigerian ladies like pencil skirts. They are elegant, strict and at the same time feminine. Ankara pencil skirts “live” not only in the office wardrobe.

Please note: the most appropriate length for these skirts in 2018 is midi.

Ankara skirt with a cut

Asymmetric tailoring for skirts is unusually popular this season! In addition to habitual uneven skirts’ hemline and an incision on the side, designers added models with a complex cut and original details.

Ankara skirt with frills and flounces

Ankara skirt with frills and flounces

The skirt with frills can be traced in many fashion collections. It’s a symbol of femininity and charm. The choice of a skirt with frills is large that some models can be safely put on in the office. For example, flounces framing the hem of a pencil skirt. Such variants can be in one color with a skirt or stand out with a contrasting tone. Experiment with the length, colors, and models, and you will appreciate the advantages of the stylish skirt with frills.

Ankara flared skirt

Ankara flared skirt

The flares skirt continues to lead among the styles. Every lady likes it as such skirt hides some shortcomings and looks perfect for any figure. In the season 2018, it has slightly changed. An asymmetric cut and ruffles are added.

Ankara mermaid skirt

Ankara skirt and blouse in the mermaid style

Ankara skirt in the mermaid style

For Nigerian women, a mermaid skirt is always trendy. The flared part of such skirt can start from the knee line or even higher. Besides, the frill can be both sewn and whole-cut. As a rule, it consists of one or several layers.

Ankara colorful skirt and blouse

Ankara lemon design for skirt and blouse

Trendy colors and prints for Ankara skirts and blouses

Even a rainbow envies the color palette of Ankara skirts 2018! There are more than seven colors in it: red, lemon, terracotta, pink, sky blue, white, black, and metallic. Counting all of them is difficult!

Ankara skirt and blouse with bright ornaments

Flowers, stripes, and geometric patterns lead among the prints for Ankara skirts. A feminine floral ornament is one of the favorites 2018. Designers believe that a skirt with the floral pattern will be so popular and perfect even for office style. For example, midi skirts with small and tender flowers easily fit for everyday looks.

Best Ankara costume design for skirt and blouse with decor

Ankara beaded design for skirt and blouse with fringe

Nigerian ladies are fond of Ankara skirt and blouse styles in the form of a costume. In this case, both elements of the wardrobe are made from either one fabric or several similar types of textile perfectly combining with each other. Festive styles are often decorated with lace, chiffon, sequins, fringe, and other types of decor. Such options are good in Ankara skirt and blouse style for wedding.

Ankara design for skirt and blouse

Without bright Ankara designs for skirt and blouse, it’s difficult to imagine a wardrobe of any fashionista. Trendy skirt and blouse perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the female silhouette. For the season 2018, designers have prepared many incredibly feminine and beautiful Ankara latest styles.