Top radio presenter reacts to Beverly Osu’s controversial photos, says he knows a lot of nuns and priests who smoke (Photos)


Earlier reports that Beverly Osu sparked outrage after posing for a Nigerian lifestyle magazine, the cover girl dressed as a nun, holding a cigarette and teasing audience with some chocolate skin.

This obviously got the attention of social media users. Majority blasted the young lady for disrespecting the Christian religion while few applauded her daring attitude.

Part of who saw nothing bad in what she rocked was controversial Nigerian radio presenter, Daddy Freeze. The Free The Sheeple leader disclosed that the nun outfit was created by man and not God, so he sees nothing wrong in the photo shoot.

He also added that, her smoking in the outfit is not a big deal as he knows a lot of nuns and priests who smoke.

His post reads: “I don’t understand the problem people have with this @beverly_osu post….. No be cloth she wear? No be tailor sew am? Was this attire invented by Jesus and his disciples or by religion? If it was invented by Jesus, then I have a huge problem with it. However, if it was invented by religion then I don’t understand what the fuss is….. Maybe someone should educate me. By the way, I know a lot of nuns and priests who smoke.

It was earlier reported that Beverly Osu once took to her Instagram handle to warn bleaching cream experts to stop advertising their products to her as she is not interested in changing the color of her skin.