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For years, Nigerians have been curious about the answer to the question “Does Funke Akindele have a child?” There have been multiple rumours on the subject, and we will clear some of the most prominent ones as we talk about personal life of the actress and whether she is a mother.

Does Funke Akindele have a child?

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What is known about Funke Akindele’s babies?

About a year ago, Nigerian media outlets blew up with the news of the legendary Jenifa being pregnant with twins. The actress did not have any children before, so it was quite a big deal. Taking into account that Funke Akindele age was 40 back then (it is currently 41), people have been expecting for a while to hear about her pregnancy, especially after she married Abdul Rasheed Bello (famously known as JJC Skillz) back in 2016.

However, it has been over a year, and Funke Akindele twins are still unseen. Well, here is where things get complicated. Back when the rumours began circulating, it was said that JJC himself shared the news of the happy occasion. The post has since been deleted, but you can see the screen grab below. Bello praised God and thanked Him, as well as gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey, who prophecised that couple are going to have twins.


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That said, around the time Funke was supposed to give birth, everything got even more confusing. The last week of November 2017 saw the appearance of three new stories. According to the first one, Funke was rushed to the hospital in London, where she gave birth to her twins. The second one claimed that there was no pregnancy in the first place.

So what really happened? To be frank, it took us a while to figure out, but it looks like the second story rings true. Apart from the JJC’s post, which did not exactly say outright that Funke was pregnant, there has been no other evidence supporting the claims of the actress’ pregnancy.

To add another nail to the coffin of this rumour, Akindele came out and refuted all the rumours of her pregnancy herself, while JJC announced that his aforementioned post was about the prophecy and not a pregnancy announcement.

Step-children of Funke Akindele


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Now, even though a biological Funke Akindele child is yet to be born, after marrying JJC, she became a step-mother to three wonderful children from her husband’s previous relationships.

The eldest child in question is Tamira Bello, and it is almost unnerving how similar she looks to the actress. In some photos, you could really mistake her for Funke Akindele’s daughter! The girl was born in 1997 by one of JJC’s baby mamas Taiye Fahemisin Adeyemi. Tamira lives with her mom in the UK, where she studies at Birmingham City University.

Despite living overseas, she is close to her father and his new wife. In fact, she was pretty much the reason the two of them got together. Tamira encouraged her dad to ‘put a ring on it’ when she met Funke, and she was happily reporting from their wedding via her social media. Thanks to her, we were even able to find out about the wonderful occasion, as it was kept secret.

step children

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Apart from Tamira, Funke Akindele also has two step-sons. Josiah Bello, born in 2000, also lives in the UK, where he attends the University of Gloucestershire. As for the youngest boy, Benito Bello, all we know is that he was born in 2005 and that he is an avid fan of rap music.

Even though it seems like all of the children are from different mothers, they get along very well with one another, as well as with their dad and step-mom. Whenever they are in Nigeria, they stop at the Bellos’ place and hang out like one big family.

Does Funke Akindele have a child? If we are talking in the purely biological sense, then no. If we count her step-children from the current marriage, then yes, and not just one, but three.

Funke Akindele biography has always been filled with rumours, but such is a life of a star. Despite not having any biological children (yet), she is a good mother figure to her step-kids, a devoted and loving wife, and a successful person in all of her other ventures. We wish her the best!