Top Ankara Styles for Traditional Wedding: These Bright Fabrics and Trendy Designs will make you look Gorgeous (PICS)


Today we will be showing you the latest Ankara styles you can rock to traditional weddings!

These beautiful fabrics and very fashionable patterns will make you look absolutely gorgeous. Check out the photos and get inspired.

Latest Ankara styles for traditional wedding

Every Nigerian fashionista has at least one dress made from nice Ankara fabrics. Ankara fabrics are perfect for any style you want to make – long and short dresses, skirts and blouses, shorts and trousers, it fits them all. The fabric is also perfect for both casual styles and official looks. A lot of festive dresses for Nigerian ladies are also sewed from Ankara fabrics.

Latest Ankara designs for traditional wedding 1 Latest Ankara styles combined with other fabrics

Latest Ankara styles for traditional wedding

Ankara is very good for making beautiful traditional wedding dresses. These chic gowns can be made solely from Ankara fabric or from a combination of Ankara and lace, chiffon or any other type of fabric. If we are talking about traditional wedding dresses, the ideal dress for the bride and her female guests is either a long floor-length gown, or a long skirt and blouse combination.

Ankara styles with satin

Let us start with traditional dresses. In general, dresses for traditional Nigerian weddings are made really long to touch the floor in a mermaid style. It can also be straight and narrowed at the bottom. If you chose the first variant, then special designs can can be done on the bottom of the dress. The mermaid’s tail should be made to start at the knee line. Sewing a tail with a frill is also a good idea. The front part can be made shorter than the back. You can make a few flounces of different lengths.

Ankara styles with train

That type of dress would also look gorgeous if the mermaid tail bottom is decorated with lace or chiffon. A vast number of fashionistas make the whole tail of chiffon or lace; these materials are really trending this 2017.

Ankara mixed styles Ankara styles with a long train

Adding a train to the picture is also a fantastic idea. It can be made from Ankara fabric and other textiles used for decorations. It is a good idea to add whatever fabric used for the adornment in another part of the dress, like the neckline for example.

Ankara styles with lace

Ankara styles for weddings

A traditional wedding requires a special outfit, so the use of additional decor or other elegant textiles along with the main Ankara fabric is always welcome. If it is difficult to come up with different styles for the bottom of the dress, simply focus on making the top part very elegant.

Latest Ankara styles for traditional wedding + lace Ankara gown with lace Ankara dress with black lace

A classic option would be to insert some designs made out of chiffon or lace on the neckline. If the main Ankara fabric is bright and has a lot of patterns, use a chiffon or lace insertion that matches the main colors of the Ankara fabric. You can also use white or black colors of finishing fabric, as they will fit almost any style.

Ankara dress with frill

The neckline can also be decorated with a large frill or several frills of different lengths. The frills can be sewn either from the main Ankara fabric or chiffon and lace. You can also highlight the top of the dress with a bright coquette or drapery.

Ankara gown for wide shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, then you should avoid voluminous drapery. And in general, if you have large shoulders, the accent in the dress should be moved down to the skirt. In this case, the top should be made as simple as possible.

Ankara styles with sleeves-wings

Cover your shoulders with a cape made out of lace or chiffon. The cape’s design must suit your figure perfectly.

Ankara dress with cape

Ankara styles with sleeves-lanterns

Ankara fashion and designs for wedding

If you have small shoulders, then you can balance your figure with the help of lantern sleeves or wing sleeves; these designs help to add volume to your figure.

Latest Ankara styles with peplum

Going for a peplum style outfit will help add emphasis to your waist and give you an hourglass figure. If you don’t have a defined waist, peplums should be avoided.

Ankara mixed styles for traditional wedding

We don’t recommend sewing attire with a deep neckline or with an open back for a traditional wedding. It is okay to open your shoulders only a little; the bride should look modest at her wedding. The same applies to the skirt cuts, especially if the Ankara fabric has large patterns. A long cut in the skirt can ruin the design.

Ankara styles with various patterns

For tailoring traditional weddings clothes, a mix of bright Ankara and other monochrome fabrics, for example, satin and silk are often used. In this case, the Ankara fabric is better placed in the middle of the outfit. Otherwise, sew only the top of the dress from Ankara, and use a one-colored fabric for the skirt or at the sides of the outfit. Such a cut will make your figure noticeably slimmer. Ankara can also be used for decorating the bodice, sleeves or hem of your outfit.

Ankara styles with chiffon for traditional wedding

If you are choosing to wear a skirt and blouse, then you can make both of them from Ankara; but if you want your look to be more festive, sew a skirt from Ankara fabric and make the blouse out of chiffon or lace. These materials can be also be used for decoration only; you can use them to emphasize the décolletage line.

Ankara dress in the mermaid style

The skirt always looks better when made in a mermaid style; this emphasizes the beauty of the fabric. As for the decoration, the rules used for dress sewing are also applicable here. The more we decorate the top, the less we adorn the bottom and vice versa.

Ankara styles for traditional wedding with decor

Ankara styles’ decoration

If you are sewing one of the latest 2017 Ankara styles, you should take care with the extra decor. Rhinestones and sequins are unlikely to be appropriate for fabrics with multicolored patterns. But if you make a significant part of the corset, for example, of chiffon, then it should be decorated with a few small rhinestones.

Large jewelry also steals attention from the fabric’s ornaments, so try to keep things balanced.

Ankara styles with gele

No matter what style Nigerian women choose for traditional wedding, they almost always pair it with a gele. We advise you to go for a one-colored gele; pick one in a lighter tone than that of the main outfit or just use a pastel and light fabric as gele.

Ankara bright styles for traditional wedding

Traditional weddings are joyous and cheerful events, so the outfits should be bright and stylish; unique Ankara styles and fabric are the best for such looks. Be stylish at all times!