Top 10 reasons why men cheat will blow your mind


Why do men cheat on their wives and girlfriends? But why do men cheat? What is the reason for such actions? There can be so many answers to these questions, and we are going to tell you the main reasons for male infidelity! So go on reading if you want to know!

Why do men cheat?



Top 10 reasons why men cheat

We are going to tell you about the top 10 real reasons why men cheat.

1. Failure to think rationally under the influence of alcohol

Yes, many men cheat because they got drunk. They fail to control instincts and succumb to the desire to spend time with one more woman in his life. For the majority of men, passion/desire and love are two completely different feelings. They believe that they can love their spouse and at the same time succumb to the lust with other women. It is the most straightforward division of concepts, and it allows men to cheat easily on their wives without feeling any sense of guilt.

2. Crisis in the relationship

Many men cheat on their women wives because they do not get enough attention or tenderness at night. Passion is as essential for men, as bright feelings are essential for women. If the wife, tired of taking care of their children and household chores during the day, is not able to provide the husband with passion and love at night, then even the most intelligent man will start looking for another woman to satisfy his needs.

3. One of the reasons why men cheat is strong women

In the era of feminism, many men feel weak near strong, independent women. Some wives also shout at their men and show their supremacy. In such situations, a man starts looking for someone weak, tender, and calm.

4. The distance is one of the reasons for men’s infidelity

Love at a distance usually strengthens feelings, but only if the distance does not occur too often. A woman who is constantly on business trips or goes to resorts alone risks to lose the emotional connection with her man. A man deprived of female attention, will sure prefer to brighten up his loneliness in the company of another person.

Quarreling couple


5. Ex-girlfriend

She suddenly appeared in his life, and she may look so charming and dear. If his feelings have not died yet, in this case, memories of good times can lead to unplanned situations.

6. The love has gone

If the sentiments to the wife or girlfriend faded away, the life together became nothing but a habit. But everyone needs love. This need will encourage a man to search for a new object of passion.

7. Too jealous wife or girlfriend

The forbidden fruit is the sweetest. The more you ban – the more he wants. If you suspect him of love affairs with his friends or colleagues, it will happen 100% sure. Moreover, if you are jealous, you quarrel a lot and men do not like quarrels.

8. Unkept woman

Many women after marriage no longer try to look the best way they can. They become lazy and often wear dressing-gowns, avoid doing expensive manicure, forget about their hairstyle and make-up.

9. Simple polygamy

From the ancient times, men have been associated with the image of a hunter, of the leader. Many centuries have passed since then, but men want to conquer other man and get the woman they like. There is one more ancient habit – a man has a predisposition to change partners from time to time, as animals do. Men do not always recognize this biological feature, but it directs them to the path of infidelity. Rebel against nature is possible.

Top reasons why men cheat


10. The desire to get new impressions

A common cause of adultery is boredom in a relationship, routine kills love. Then the person tries to look for fresh impressions. A man who is tired of a routine life will want to try something unusual, including, another woman. By the way, women can act like this too.

It is possible to prevent this outcome if a man and a woman periodically look for something new and exciting for both of them that they have not tried before. Look for a new hobby, spend the weekend together in an unknown place, or try unusual techniques in the bedroom.

Do all men cheat?

It is the question that every woman asks. The website published statistics based on the social survey of the men who admitted infidelity.

  • 55% of the men cheated on their spouse with five or more people;
  • 32% of the men met the person they cheated within online regime;
  • 23% of the men admitted that the leading cause of the affair a lack of passion in relations with their women.

As you can see, not all men cheat. There is one more category of men who accept the cheating mode of life. They are called womanizers. Their cheating on women cannot be rationally explained, and they do this merely because they can.

Cheating on a woman


Why do men cheat on their wives?

Modern scientists from all around the world concluded that a man’s desire to cheat on a woman is an essential trait of a person’s character. They explain this by the fact that man is a biological being who needs to be polygamous to satisfy his own instincts. It is the answer to the question “why do men cheat on their wives?”

So there are three main reasons why men cheat on their wives and girlfriends: they are polygamous from nature; they cheat on a woman to show that something is wrong in the relations or family; they do not control themselves. They can control their infidelity is the faults of a woman.

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