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Your wedding is approaching, how is the best way to announce this big day if not with some beautifully taken pre-wedding photographs? In those days, pre-wedding pictures were usually taken in the studio and were used as the pictures on wedding programmes, souvenirs and the likes. Nowadays, people take pre-wedding pictures not only for these reason, but for just the sake of it.

Also, they are no longer taken only in the studios but at other venues that are interesting and eye catching too.

The outfits worn by the couples, the women in particular have also become more fashionable and trendy. Here are some styles that would be perfect for pre-wedding pictures.

Latest 2018 Styles

Photograph by @excelimagery

Prince and Naa

Cc @esianderson

Couples tailoring by @outspoknclothiers & @melodia_ng

The Adetayos

Cc @trudydanso @kobbie13. Kente dress by @saa_dia

Cc @ifeoduyale & @atoyebs

Cc @steveassenso x @Afia_adepa93

Photocred @perfect_kente


Cc @kristline__ & @aris__s.a.f in @ofure

Mr & Mrs Knowles in coordinated outfits by @gertjohancoetzee

Cc @yemisikaka

His and Hers outfits by @cndanielscouture