“The heart of some men is naturally wicked” – Ocean washes photo of man tied with “Juju” inside red and green bottle to the beach side (PICS)


The heart of some men is naturally wicked. Even the bible noted that “from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts” or how does one explains this.

A Facebook user Keneci Taylor who visited the beach recently took to her timeline to share her shocking experience.

Taylor shared photo evidences of her finding at the beach which was a photo of an unknown man that was through inside red and green bottles tied together with a rope.

Photo of man bottled for long found at the beach (photos)

Photo of man bottled for long found at the beach. Source: Facebook

According to Taylor, the bottles were washed ashore by the water.

Keneci Taylor captioned the photos:

“This is how some people are wicked look what wash out of the beach water on land people be careful of some of them people here”

See her post below:

Investigation further reveals that this is a supernatural way of tying down someone else’s destiny. This means the man whose photo was found in the bottle destiny has been tied down by some wicked fellows.

Who knows maybe by this washing ashore, the man’s destiny will be restored.

May God deliver us all from evil people.

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