Ten Beautiful Style Inspiration On How To Wear Black And White [PHOTOS]


Black and white can be worn in different styles and patterns. There’s nothing chicer than styling an outfit that’s purely black and white. You will come out looking amazing if you style it well. In fact, it’s hard to look bad in black and white.

Both bold and classic, black and white combinations like stripes, polka dots etc are understated enough to work for any event you may have. Monochrome is a look that works anyday anytime.

To look extremely good wearing black and white, follow the tips below

1. Play up the silhouettes and textures: Try different prints and patterns.
2. Always choose pieces to flatter your figure.
3. The eye needs to be drawn to something:  if you’re in just a flat black and white outfit without any textures or differentiation then there is nowhere for the eye to go. Do not go for boring designs, you can also wear accessories that pop.

Latest 2018 Styles
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