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No doubt, everybody knows Tiwa Savage, the Nigerian singing goddess, but what about her estranged husband, Tee Billz? This time it is his moment to shine, at least with the help of the article below. We are not promoting and popularizing Tee Billz. We will try to shed some some light on this mysterious person who got accustomed to living in the shadows of his beloved woman and somehow pertains to her success. The article is about Tee Billz’s life, his bumpy relationships with a girl he adores and challenges he faced. Let’s get to know Tee Billz better.

Tiwa Savage's husband - Who is he?

Teebillz’s biography facts

Let’s check up on Tee Billz’s personality based on the scanty facts we know.

Tee Billz

First of all, his real name is Tunji Balogun. However, it is not as wide known as his pseudonym. He is 37-years old, practically of the same age as Tiwa. As for his occupation, he used to own a record label and started promoting Tiwa Savage when she was a novice in the world of pop music.

The future spouses, Tiwa and Tunij, got acquainted in the USA through a mutual friend. Since that time, they could not live without each other. Consequently, the feeling of strong love blossomed into a union of two lovebirds. According to the sources, the beloved claimed that they had a deep platonic feeling. Finally, they got married in November 2013 in Nigeria. One year later the couple decided to organize a white wedding. This time the ceremony was held in Dubai. It was a magnificent day!

The wedding day

Referring to posts on the web, we know that it was Tunij who help to promote Tiwa and project her too the world. He made financial contributions and soon his loving wife attained international fame, success, and recognition. Tiwa’s innate talent and charisma in addition to the producing skills of Tunij made a miracle – she won the affection of many fans all over the world. Unfortunately, the career of Tee Billz tanked recently and Tiwa Savage’s achievements overshadowed his.

In 2015, great news flooded the internet – Tunij and Tiwa became happy parents of a cute baby, Jamil. According to frequent Tee Billz’s posts, we can conclude that he was over the moon. Once he even uploaded a picture of his teeny son and dubbed it ‘Thank you, Jesus’. No doubts, Tunji was blissfully happy.

daddy and son Jamil

hand in hand

Tiwa,Tunij and Jamil

Tee Billz’s children

Regarding the private life of Tunij, it should be mentioned that he has got a rich life experience. He had been married a couple of times before he met Tiwa. But it is quite an ordinary thing in the west where he lived for many years and got accustomed to.

All we know about his first son is that he is already an adult. It remains a secret who the mother is. The first legal wife, Kenea Maete Udoh gave birth to a beautiful girl, Olabisi. The other woman Dr. Vivian Oputa had a romantic relationship with our hero in the USA. They have a baby girl, Ona. And his youngest is Jamil, the son of Tee Billz and Tiwa. So, he is a father of four children already.

We are not sure whether he supports the children from previous relationships, but one fact is pretty clear. According to the post on the web, Tiwa was quite taken aback when she found out about the existence of his kids. Evidently, he managed to hide this information from her. So, Tee Billz’s sinister motives worked out and they got married in spite of his insincerity.

Tiwa and Teebillz’s frictions

Soon after the birth of their first child, the media was filled with sad posts of family problems the couple had faced. Both Tiwa and Tee Billz accused each other publicly about terrible things One of the toughest issues was highlighted on social media. Tunji Balogun claimed that his wife was not loyal and had several lovers. She, in turn, stated that Tee Billz was a womanizer, alcoholic, and a drug user. Unfortunately, after such a row online the former beloved decided to break up.

Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz

Apparently, such family challenges can lead to stress. Tunji Tee Billz Balogun was in despair and even made an attempt to kill himself. Luckily, friends saved him and helped him recover. He had shared some posts online about how he wanted to kill himself. People are not sure how to interpret. Could it be simply a publicity stunt or is the man really depressed? One cannot know the inside of a man’s mind. But the self-harm scenario sounded fishy to most.

Time heals all wounds, they say. Luckily, it seemed that Tunji and Tiwa reconciled and they look to be raising their cute son together. We hope that their afflictions are over and we wish them happiness.

together again

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