Read this WhatsApp conversation between a Nigerian car dealer and a potential client (PICS)


This has got to be the most hilarious thing you’ve seen all March y’all!! The Whatsapp conversation between a Nigerian car dealer and his potential client had us cry laughing after it emerged online.

In the thread which can be seen below, the dealer tries to sell a car for his potential client who asks to see photos of what he’s about to purchase, what happened thereafter will have you laughing your ribs off.

The client then proposes a payment method and says the merchant, shouldn’t be worried about shipping fees, as he’ll take care of that by himself – this was where things got really hysterical as the dealer couldn’t understand what his client meant by ‘shipping’.

He mistook the ‘ship’ as a noun – ‘ship’ on the sea – and even went further to explain to his client that he’s selling a car to him and not a ship.

Their convo is just too hilarious… Read below: