Everyone in a relationship has always wished to have a happy ending. Especially the women, they pray every morning and night to meet the man of their dreams and after he proposes, they begin to plan a luxurious wedding.

However, some people shy away from dating military officials while others are so happy to spend the rest of their life with them. Such was the case of this beautiful young lady.

John Bukola Innovation (@bukolainnovation) on Instagram has shared amazing pictures of an army lieutenant and his bride-to-be. They look so adorable together.

Their pictures were shared with the caption: “My head’s under water but with u am breathing fine…. #ToBi18. Every love story i ever read has led me to you.

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Also their love story was shared by @luciousimages on Instagram with the caption: “We celebrate with you #tobi18 on your introduction ceremony. Thanks for your patronage. We are always glad to give you a memorable experience.

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