Photos of Bishop Oyedepo’s alleged Mandate Estate (PHOTOS)


Religious leaders in Nigeria are always known for always spreading their wings and investing in the buying and building of magnificent buildings. David Oyedepo, the bishop of Living Faith Church, is one of the pastors known for diversifying his resources.

The big Living Faith auditorium and Covenant University are two outstanding establishments that are in the name of the bishop.

Apart from these two well known structures, it has been rumoured that Bishop Oyedepo has yet another establishment that is ground-breaking.

This structure is deemed to be a gigantic residential area called Mandate Estate. According to our source, the huge rows of building has about 50 rooms and it is solely used as the residence of the top leaders of the Living Faith Church.


Based on what we gathered, the estate is massively equipped to ensure the convenience of the leaders staying within. It is powered by a 15 MW gas turbine which provides electricity for residents without letting off any noise.

The building is reportedly located near the Living Faith auditorium called Canaan City and the university owned by the church.

Within the center of the estate, there is a place called Bishop’s Court. This place serves as a residence for David Oyedepo himself. But ever since he left to continue other projects, the building has been occupied by one Abioye who is the vice president of the church.

A Facebook group tagged as Voice of the Church unveiled these details about Mandate Estate and also revealed their source.

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