Food has evolved from just being meant to quench hunger to so much more. Food lovers all over the world like to treat their taste buds to a new experience by exploring menus at restaurants.

A social media user identified as LawToya Esq. (@ToyaRochelle) on Twitter, took to her handle to share her experience at a Latin inspired restaurant.

According to LawToya, who appears to be from Jamaica, she asked for fried plantain but got something totally different from her order. Instead she was served roasted plantain, commonly referred to as boli in some parts of Nigeria.

She tweeted: “Y’all…I just went to brunch and ordered fried plantains. The restaurant is Latin inspired…look what they served me.


Fried plantain is a meal common in West Africa, East Africa, South America and the Caribbean. In Nigeria, it is called dodo.

Lady orders fried plantain at a Latin restaurant, gets something different (photo)

Fried plantain