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Fans of Peter Okoye have reacted to the trending video of Lola okoye smoking publicly at an event over the weekend in Lagos.

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The mother of two, captured in a video by her husband Mr. P was seen puffing on her cigarette while having fun with some other guests.

In reaction, Nigerians have called out Lola for not portraying the good motherly roles and also condemned Peter Okoye for been cool with such acts that is considered unAfrican.

According to many of the comments, there are several other celebrities who really smoke with their spouses but they try to leave it in their private lives.

Here are some of the comments:

A fan, @truthsayernaija, who condemned the act commented that: “when peter will be acting like a teenager, always talking, always on social media, since him and his brother’s split he has done more than 5 interviews telling his story, i’m yet to see Paul do same. You see your wife they smoke, you still carry camera like paparazzi take go where she dey, everyone knows these people smoke,I mean it’s normal but it shouldn’t be on social media! I mean, why feel the need to show people you are smoking? Does that gratify or appreciate your value or personality in any way or form? Think of it, it’s your personal business, enjoy it privately.

Also, @[email protected]_floxy who described Lola as destroyer said: “Yes she is a destroyer and disrespectful. A celeb like coolest Mr p deserves someone younger with emulative attitude and this is just the one of the reasons why the family doesnt want her. But I put the blame on Mr p. Now he is like “what can I do” coz he looks like a small boy to her.”

Another commenter, @adiolajumoke said: “Smokers are liable to die young, how would she feel when her 10 yrs old pick up cigarette and start smoking….if u like call navy blue black……bad is bad.even d whites will do or die wants to act or be like….They

While some fans were unperturbed by Lola’s action, they maintained that life is best lived when one is with the right partner.

For @richgangporo: “Someone in her husband house and her husband knew she smoke cigarets but Love and adore his wife.. some internet Mofos be here acting all saints. So when is smoking cigarette breaks the law? Nigerians be quick to embrace westerners with same altitude but crucify their own,meanwhile most people do worst in their matrimonial home.”

Another fan, @hautecoutureartistry wrote: “Leave them alone. Her husband loves her like that. Ndi asiri.”

Also, another commenter, @vendajules, encouraged Lola to live her so far she is happy. “Oh wahala see people judging. Live your life however u want it. It’s your life. Society like imposing. Smh.”

Watch video below