Nollywood actress Damilola Adegbite set to publish book on her broken marriage


Many people have never given celebrity marriages a chance of survival and when they eventually crashed.

When celebrity marriages crash, people are quick to pass blames without knowing what really went on in the marriage that led to its being crashed.

It is no longer news that the marriage between Nollywood actress Damilola Adegbite and Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh that produced a son has hit the rock. But the actress in a twist is saying she is ready to document events that happened in her broken marriage.

While not closing her heart to love and marriage again, Damilola might be working on a block buster book that might give that of Toke Makinwa a run for her money.

When asked if she is willing to give marriage a second try, the Tinsel actress said:

“Of course, why not? I never say never. This time, I will be looking out for a man; he has to be a man (in the real sense of the word). I don’t try to foresee things as I prefer to live in the moment. I learnt a lot from my past experience (in marriage) and I may have to write a book about it. There are quite a lot of things and I wouldn’t want to single out one. If I single it out, it may seem like the most important one when it’s not so; they are all very important.”

When two celebrities get married, people are of the opinion that their marriage should work out since they are in the same profession and know what go on in their career but that is not always the case. But Damilola is of the belief that marriage between two entertainers could work successfully. She said:

“I don’t see why marriages between entertainers cannot work.”

Earlier report that media personality, Toke Makinwa, wrote a book on her broken marriage with gym expert Maje Ayida titled On Becoming Toke Makinwa.

She claimed that the urge to write the book came from the fact that a lot of things have been written about her and she needs to put the record straight. Makinwa dropped names of Maje and his girlfriend turned baby mama Anita a couple of times in the book.

The book became a matter of legal tussle when her ex-husband took her to court over it and a ban was place on the sale of the book.