Nigerians react after lady shares photos of robe ordered by bride and what she got (PHOTO)

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Social media has made buying and selling very easy for most people so that from the comfort of one’s room, a person can easily order for an item and have it delivered to his or her doorstep.

However, as easy as social media has made things, it has also created a lot of knotted problems. Several times, ladies and men alike have complained about ordering an item only to have something quite different and unflattering delivered to them.

One such event happened to a bride who had ordered a robe from a vendor on Instagram. The attire she had requested for was a beautiful one. It had a white sequin, an inner wear and fluffs all over.

While the bride had expected this gorgeous, sultry outfit to be delivered to her, what she got was a mere shadow of what she had hoped for.

Although the outfit the vendor sent her had the semblance of what she had asked for, it was really an eye sore. Not only was it unflattering, it was flabby and unfitting for someone who was about to be a bride.

Shocked by the effrontery the vendor had to make such an unpleasant deliver, a Twitter user named @Etibabyy took to registering her disapproval through the mini blogging platform.

She was shocked and totally displeased at what the supposed trader had done to the bride that was soon to walk down the aisle. Her post reflected her feeling of shock, anger and disapproval.

See her full post here:

Other Nigerians on Twitter mirrored the sentiments of @Etibabyy and also poured out their own share of anger and humour through words. See some of the reactions below:

This is coming after yet another bride-to-be had also been disappointed by a fashion designer who had sewed an outfit that was nothing like the one she had asked for. The soon-to-be wife, shocked by the grievous disappointment, took ill and was rushed to the hospital.