Nigerian lady calls out her partner for assaulting her and sleeping with their help.

The Nigerian lady identified simply as Damilola is another victim of domestic violence and she has taken to her social media page to speak up!

Damilola, sharing photos of the injuries inflicted on her by her abusive partner, revealed in a lengthy post on her page, how her partner gave her the toughest years of her life.

From being promiscuous, that he even slept with their maid and promised that one marriage, to being a wife beater, a liar and all.

Damilola shares all the agony she went through with her partner and calls him out for trying to take custody of their daughter, who he wasn’t even around during her birth…

Read Damilola’s post below… it’s quite lengthy and see photos of the injuries she sustained from her abusive partner. (quite graphic, your discretion is advised)

Segun Lounge can you leave me already? … please y’all need to come to my aid this abuse is getting unbearable. Few weeks ago i called you out on my social media and stated all the abuse you make me go through. Family, friends and concerned strangers begged that i put it down and think of my daughter but here you are again to get my daughter from me. You and your family need to let go of me and my daughter. When we were together these your so called family members didn’t ask how my daughter was doing or how she feeds now they suddenly want her when i can no longer tolerate consistent abuse and battering from you. I left to my new apartment and all you could do is go to my Mum’s house harassing her shouting in your loudest voice that she provides me or you will do the unspeakable. I am writing this because i can not leave my daughter for you i will now allow you to take my daughter to your numerous sugar mummies that you have sex with to keep up for the gram. Neither will i allow my daughter to be in the hands of your girlfriend that has already threatened to make sure she see to it that i lose her.

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