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The Shoremi family in Nigeria have taken a newspaper advertorial to announce they have severed all ties with one of their daughters, Shalom, who recently tried to wed her lesbian partner here in Nigeria.

Shalom had applied for marriage license from the Federal Marriage Registry but was denied as same sex marriage is prohibited in Nigeria. Former president Goodluck Jonathan had signed the Anti-gay bill into law in 2007.

The family disowned her on the grounds that what she planned to do is against the law in Nigeria, adding that she will not be entitled to anything from the family inheritance

See the advertorial published by the Family below;

The Advertorial reads in text:

“The attention of Shoremi Family of Ogun State has been drawn to an application for a speical marriage License sought by Shalom T. Shoremi.”

“She had requested for a special marriage license at the Federal Marriage License at the Federal Marriage Registry on the 22nd of March, 2018 to allow her consummate a same sex marriage, which was rejected as it is in variance with the Marriage Act of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“This Family is diassociating itself from this move and has severed ties with her. We also disown her on the grounds that what she planned to do is against the law in Nigeria. She will also not be entitled to anything from the family inheritance. The public should please take note.”

Meanwhile, another lady shared that after she and her family discovered that her sister is a lesbian, they’ve been looking for a cure for her.

She revealed that she’d been observing the signs earlier but she didn’t really pay attention to it as she thought it was just a ‘phase’.

She shared as thus,

Hello all my family just recently discovered that my younger sister is a lesbian we were all extremely devastated, the signs were always there when she was younger i noticed she liked watching lesbian porn a lot but never thought much about it or even thought to tell my parents because I thought it was just a phase that all teenagers go through.

The real revelation came a month ago when the whole family went out to a weeding except for her we were going to be gone for 2 hours i however had to comeback earlier than expected because I was feeling nauseous that was when I met a shocking sight of her romancing and handling the breasts of another girl.

I need some advice please I won’t to know how we can beat this spirit of homosexuality out of her please she is my dearest sister and I don’t want her to go to hell.