Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi called out for falsely accusing a police officer – Read WhatsApp Chat (Pics)


Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has been accused of tendering a false accusation against a police officer whom she said slapped her and smashed her mobile phone on the ground.

Korra Obidi wrote on Instagram:

“Phone smashed and physically assaulted by a police officer OLORUNISOLA ISMAIL on Etim Nyang Victoria island

Who gained access into my car gave me a dirty slap and grabbed my wrist and my phone. Smashes my phone and keeps shouting. This was after I attempted to record him sitting on my Bonnet. I forgot I was in Lagos, not America. But is it not our right? am still dizzy from the slap chai

Finally Found the officer @iolorunnisola
who gained forceful access to my car, slapped me across the face, grabbed my phone and smashed it, ripped my thigh trying to get my phone. Reported and nothing has been done at all. #endpolicebrutality”

Well, an eyewitness has come out with a different version of what transpired at the scene of the incidence.

According to the eyewitness @Hotsucreee, Korra Obidi disobeyed the law enforcement officer when she was asked to reverse because she was going off her lane which would have added to the traffic the officers were trying to reduce. The eyewitness also pointed out that the dancer was not touched as claimed.

”Girl you are completely wrong. I witnessed this and I got you out of this mess today . You weren’t in your lane and there was a lot of traffic. You were going to make the traffic get worse and they asked you to reverse back but you blatantly refused now you blame it on them . COME ON . You were the only girl in the midst of over 30 men I wonder how you would have survived it if I didn’t intervene.

Being stubborn never solves a problem. @drjustindean tell your queen to choose her battles . She started the fight despite the fact that she was wrong . She was in a wrong lane and they asked her to get back to her lane and she refused

@tiwasavage she was in the wrong lane and they asked her to reverse and she refused . You don’t fight when you are wrong . In the midst of over 30 men they all wanted to beat her up . I had to stand up for her and begged them to leave her that she would delete the pictures she took.. No body laid fingers on her, I witnessed the incident, let’s say the truth.”

More details soon