Let’s say it as it is – a woman needs a rich man – Ladies, This is How To Catch A Rich Boyfriend That’ll Spoil You With Money


Let’s say it as it is – a woman needs a rich man. Don’t let anyone cajole you to believe that you are an opportunist or a Gold-digger by seeking a man who is financially capable of meeting your needs.

It’s pretty normal for you to like the good things in life and desire to have first-hand experience of luxury rather than see it in the pages of magazines or on TV. Mind you, this isn’t prostitution; you aren’t going to be jumping from one man to another. All you are seeking, is to be with that one man who has it all together as far as your needs are concerned.

Here are 4 easy steps to land a rich boyfriend that can give you the fancy lifestyle you desire.

  1. Set your standards

First off, you need to understand that you are on a serious mission, and every serious mission requires strict rules that must be adhered to. Your goal is to have a rich boyfriend that can take good care of you without complaining, so you need to come up with criteria to sieve out people who don’t meet up to your expectations. Make a list of the things you want him to possess. Anyone who doesn’t meet your list is disqualified. Don’t be in a hurry to accept anyone below your standards. Just wait patiently.

  1. Look rich

You shouldn’t expect to have a rich boyfriend when you look like someone who is poverty stricken. For your information, rich men like rich looking girls too. You don’t have to have their kind of money, but you should at least look desirably rich. Take good care of your physical appearance. Don’t be stingy – spend money on yourself. Rich men are attracted by what they see.

  1. Position yourself in fancy places

This has to do with you making yourself available for your potential beau to find you. It’s common sense that rich people only do rich things and go to rich places. You must be delusional to think that you are going to catch a rich bobo at Oshodi bus stop. What will he be doing there apart from driving past in his big air-conditioned car? Think of how rich people live their life and try to emulate them. For example, it’s easier to catch a rich guy on a plane than on a bus.

  1. Be sophisticated and refined

All your physical packaging will be a total waste if you don’t come across as sophisticated and refined. After being attracted by your appearance, a rich guy will want you to effortlessly engage him on his level. He will want you to participate in basic intellectual discourse without sounding so dumb. Men take pride in their women. Improve on yourself if you have to. Make efforts to improve on your spoken English and Etiquettes. Learn how to carry yourself with grace and class. Remember, he will see you the way you present yourself, so do it well.