We Will like to end the long and precious January of the year 2018, with a bang, in the best and the fabulous Aso ebi Styles.

The year started on a beautiful note as the styles that flooded our timeline were nothing less than spectacular.

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Aso ebi is the buzz of most occasions in Nigeria, there so many ways you can rock aso ebi whatever the occasion may be… we’ve spotted a couple styles that shows creativity and sass.

You definitely would want to show up at that party looking like a million bucks there are so much to consider.

Aso ebi is mostly paired with layered gele, for some people who would prefer to leave the gele out a well styled hair should complement your look, beautiful makeup and accessories are also vital for a great look.

Today Ends the first month in 2018, hence we believe we should Let January 2018 End With The Baddest Of The Best Aso Ebi Styles.

outfit @kennytee




s @wendytrendy

s Dress by @magneticelegance

mua @banksbmpro