Ladies, Here is How To Press Your Man’s Mumu Button


You know what they say: “every man has a mumu button.” It lies in you as a woman to find those buttons wherever they are hidden and press them in your favour. Even when a man loves you, he may not do everything you want him to do. And that’s understandable because he’s not a baby.

As a grown man, he’d want to do things his own way which may not always align with yours. Considering the fact that men and women are wired differently, you two are most likely to have different views on issues. So, how do you get over this barrier? That’s where the almighty mumu buttons come in. You have to identify them and utilize them wisely.

Here are four simple things to do to press your man’s mumu buttons.

  1. Prepare delicious meals

Everyone loves a delicious meal, but it appears that men love it even more. There’s nothing as good as eating mouth-watering meals for a man. With a sumptuous meal right in front of him, nothing else matters. All he cares about is to eat to his satisfaction. No matter how wealthy a man might be, he prefers eating well prepared homemade meals. When you take good care of his stomach, he’ll be willing to please you.

  1. Shower him with praises

It’s no secret that men have huge egos and they like their egos to be massaged. For some reason best known to them, they feel on top of the world when the women in their life acknowledge them by singing their praises. Rather than forcefully ask your man for something, shower him with encomium and then tactfully present your request. Lost in the moment of praises, he’s most likely to do whatever you ask of him without any resistance. You don’t have to wait until you want to ask for something to do this. Make it a habit to massage his ego just to make him feel good.

  1. Look good

Real men take pride in seeing their women look their best. Most women tend to feel too relaxed the moment they get into a man’s life and make little or no effort to be attractive. You need to remember that he was attracted to you by what he saw in the first place.  You have no idea how much of a mumu a man can be when you feed his eyes with good things. Wear those sexy clothes and put your curves on full display. You’ll have him doing things for you even without you asking.

  1. Let him take charge at first

Men love to feel in charge. A wise woman understands not to compete with her man for superiority. She uses her powers as a woman to get him to do what she wants – talk about stooping to conquer. Don’t make him feel threatened as a man. Let him have his way at first, and when the coast is clear, gently present your own argument.