Ladies, Getting Married Soon?? Checkout these Wedding Reception Styles For Trendy Brides (PHOTOS)


Hey Brides! Care should be taken when picking out your second dress, just as you pay good attention to your main wedding dress. In a much as your main focus for that day is on your wedding gown, if you decide to opt for a change of clothing that day, ensure you pick out something that you would be very comfortable in.

The main reason for this is that the reception is where the real partying is done, very few brides throw caution to the wind when it comes to dancing in church and so they reserve their action for the reception dance floor. Ensure that your second dress is very very comfortable for you to dance, jump and do splits in (if you are so inclined). You do not want to end up ripping your dress or having your movement hindered because you didn’t give enough attention to the styling of the dress.

A lot of brides don’t go for white reception dresses, but if you decide to, care should be taken so you do not have spills and stains on it before the day is done.

Take a look at some fashion ideas for your second dress.


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