I can’t marry a man who wears his boxers twice – Nollywood actress, Debbie Shokoya reveals (PICS)


In recent times, Nollywood actress have been coming out to reveal the kind of man they can settle down with. Some do not ask for the extra-ordinary while others tend to ask for the weirdest kind of men.

Fast rising Yoruba actress Debbie Shokoya in a recent interview, finally opend up on the kind of man she will not put up with as far as marriage is concerned. Her kind of man must be extra ordinarily neat by not repeating any of his inner wears twice.

According to Gistreel, Shokoya disclosed that she can’t stand any man who wears the same boxers twice. She added that it does not only apply to the men alone but also female friends.

She said:

For me, it is one boxers per day. I would love to see my man put on different designs and mature colours. I can’t stand guys repeating boxers or pants everyday. And not just only the males alone, it also applies to the females. I don’t think anything can hold a man down except a man that wants to stay!

There are some things a woman needs to do to spice up her relationship, make her marriage lively. It shouldn’t get boring; some of these things are needed. The inner wear is another way of bubbling things up. You need it some of the time with your partner, like s*xy lingerie. That is where Debbie Show got you covered.

It could be recalled that actress Eniola Modupeola Odunsi disclosed that she can’t date a man who can’t last up to an hour with her in bed.

Nawa o!