How to join Nollywood industry and become a star


Are you interested in how to join Nollywood acting? In this article, we will tell you about the main ways to start a career in the Nigerian movie industry. Read on to see the tips and warnings.

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How to join Nollywood industry? Two main ways

Attend auditions

This is the fastest way to meet producers and directors who will see your talent. Remember that you should attend only legitimate Nollywood auditions. The principle of an audition is easy, there is a role, and the one who plays it the best way gets the role in the movie. This is the place where movie directors and producers can find the best talents.

The people who dream to become actors try to attend as many auditions as possible. So how do you succeed in an audition?

  • Do some warm-up before the audition: try to work with all your emotions, and show some scenes to your friends or relatives
  • Calm down: to show your talent in the best way, you need to be calm. Any worries can cause your failure during the audition
  • Have good diction: good diction and ability to express thoughts are very significant elements of your success
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  • The first impression is important
  • Be punctual
  • Be original and natural
  • Be creative
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Approach a Registered Talent Agency

The agency will test your talents and qualities as an actor/actress. These agencies require money for registration and their services, that is why if you are not sure about your talent and acting abilities it is better not to waste money.

A lot of people in Nigeria are interested in how to join Nollywood, they dream to become actors/actresses in their favourite movie industry. These people search any means to become a part of an acting process and star life. Unfortunately, such search sometimes doesn’t give any results, and even leads to dangerous situations.

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If you want to be an actor or actress of Nollywood, talent is important. Some people think that the life of an actor is only fame, glamorous parties, money and carefree life, but actually, acting is hard work. Nollywood is a huge organisation, every movie is the result of big work of many professionals, and you should be ready to work at the same level as they do.

What will you get if you join Nollywood?

Nollywood is the third biggest movie producing industry in the world.

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Here we showed you the known methods to join the movie industry, attend auditions, believe in your success and good luck.

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