The best aso ebi styles of the past week have been brought your way again *drum-roll.* We had a lot of fun picking out our weekly favorite of party wears.

We always look forward to the weekend owambe parties because that is where we get served our best dishes of owambe outfits.

Dressing to events, especially parties has always been a sort of silent competition, especially among women as each tries to ensure she looks unique and is on her best to that event.

Because we love you and we always want you to abreast of trends, we endeavor to bring your way only the best for your style inspirat

Cc @aleezascott @___bholar

Outfit by

outfit by @bibisquintessence

Blue lace outfit with puffy sleeves

@mfonie fabulous

outfit by @flat17studio

Fabric and dress by

Cc @lillyafe in Dress @roneyarewaclothing

Cc @bliss_by_karen_all

Cc @babes_wodumo