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All work and no play makes Jane a boring chic and since Jane’s life needs to be spiced up, what better way i there to do that than to show her some stylish ankara looks straight off the ‘Gram?

Got a date? Church? Owambe “parry”? There is something for you here. As always, these ladies are ready to serv us some deep fashion inspiration with their stylish outfits.

What more can I say? sit back, grab a drink and feast your eyes babes!

Cc @iloveangel2 in dress from @grass_fields

Be inspired

Cc @_kemii in dress by @jane.uati

Cc @oge.modebelu in @foxywoman.ng

Cc @lillyafe

Cc @giftedonye in outfit by @deels_appar

Cc @addictionbycharlsy

Cc @mareebel in @raddybyirada

Cc @pinimaisokariari


Cc @jennifer_koranteng in dress by @jvk_clothing

Cc @foxywoman.ng