Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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    Help! My Manhood Dosn’t Work at Home Anymore – Please advice

    Goodday , I have an issue that I would like to share. My marriage is 4 years old but something is not quite right. For over a year now, I find it very difficult to get my penis up during sx. Even if It stands, I need to be watching blue film to be able to maintain the erection. These days whenever we make love, i have to keep my blue film on.

    My wife too has almost the same issue but her own started earlier than mine. after our wedding, i noticed that over time, she stopped getting wet for me. we always use saliva before my penis will enter.

    I am worried because when i go out and meet other women, my erection comes back normal and I perform very well that the women sometimes see me as a sx God but at home, I feel so tired and my penis wont get up.

    I am worried also because the women I meet outside all get wet for me and I dont have to use saliva but my wife is always dry and to my own little understanding, a woman who loves her husband will always get wet.

    Please is my wife cheating and how do i handle this? Thank you and God bless

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