Godbless Launches with ‘Nobody Cares’ – Thisdaylive NewsPaper


It was a breathtaking moment for invitees and well-wishers during the official launch of Nobody Cares, a motivational and inspirational poetry collection by Godbless Aghogho Eduviere, held at Jubilee Hotels, Warri, Delta State. Published by Emblem Publications Incorporations, United State of America, in Association with Optimum Press Limited, Nigeria, it has its forward done by the Dean, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Professor of Architecture, University of Lagos, Professor Mike Adebamowo; and the Chairman of British African Business

Alliances, Mr. David Smith. The book reviewer, Deacon Samuel T.A. Oyibo, who is President General of Ekokor I, Ekokor II and Eroghor communities in Delta State, said, “The topmost preoccupation of man is the achievement of set goals and aspirations which the author discussed in his book. The author, out of his numerous experiences poetically discussed in his book the global challenges such as war, insecurity, crime, pride, greed, poverty, hunger and starvation and many more, which results in loss of dreams and lives on daily basis.”

The book, Oyibo explained further, forms an excellent source of material for all irrespective of religions and tribes, adding, “As an overall impression, I found the book very good and highly informative and rewarding, and I am convinced that all readers- young and old would equally find great value reading the book. The book is a must for every library, whether educational institutions, Christian or Islamic organisation, the private sector/business, government/public sector, NOGs amongst others.”

The author, Godbless Aghogho Eduviere, revealed that it was a dream which started during his secondary education. He described ‘Nobody Cares’ as a great book with extreme moral values to inspire those affected by the casualties of life.

“Beautiful, sweet, sour, ups and downs, are terms often used by Earth-Occupant to describe life; people define life according to experiences. There’s aggressive growth in war, crime, insecurity, starvation, which embraces us with death, and afflicts us with depression and chronic misery, but ‘Nobody Cares’ is here to inspire us with new hope and better days to come,” Eduviere said.

“To many today, life is a bittersweet, and we all cry the famous cry ‘Oh, is there no one out there who cares?’ The dreaded truth is many cares but cannot help, some understand but will never help, while others absolutely care, but as Africans, circumstances often utter their caring heart, so nobody seems to care enough but God, the author added. Indeed, ‘Nobody Cares’, is quite fascinating as the book is arranged into nine chapters to discuss major global challenges. Chapter One focuses on the terror in Hunger, Starvation and Poverty; Chapter Two focuses on Crisis Oppression, and War; Chapter Three focuses on Crisis Oppression security and War; Chapter Four focuses on Crime and security; Chapter Five focuses on Pride and Greed; Chapter Six focuses on Racism; Chapter Seven focuses on Corruption; Chapter Eight focuses on Religion In present Times; Tribute To A Legend; and Chapter Ten focuses on Inspiration.